Suspect dresses the part


Well, I would guess, but then you gave it away in the 2nd paragraph, ugh.

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What? All of a sudden 37 years old she just starts breaking bad?


The Laurel County Sheriff Department posted the photo and information to their Facebook page.

Classy times we live in.


Was hoping for something like this. Oh well.


Not a very confident burgler. He’s already put his prison stripes on. I guess it doesn’t hurt to be prepared if things go south.


I wonder if she changed into this after the bus picked her up for school. I bet her parents grounded her when they found out. Kids these days…

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Do you think it was a low class move?

It’s an unfortunate typo. The shirt was a custom job intended to show the woman’s devotion to her daughters, Crystal & Beth.


She ought to be locked up for stealing my heart.


Its admittedly pretty funny, but is there a reason to post her full name here? She’s going to have enough trouble escaping Google’s memory without a link on the mighty BoingBoing.

Also, it was only 3 grams (according to Google, that’s about $240 worth), and was a first offense. But, thanks to the shirt she was wearing when she was arrested, she’s now fully doomed.

Arrested for being TOO DAMN HOT!

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To post the photo and full name of an arrestee (was she even convicted at that point?) on a law enforcement Facebook page for people to gawk and laugh at? You don’t? As if being a drug addict isn’t bad enough, we should also try to ridicule them for a quick meaningless chuckle around the water-cooler? I know the shirt is stupid, but drugs don’t always encourage prudent decision making. I have friends and family that have experienced unmitigated hell with drugs, forgive me if I don’t see the fun in ridiculing them further.

Disappointed that BoingBoing would even post this.


I’m just gonna leave this here. That’s as bas as unclosed parentheses!

I find it pretty distasteful that posting mugshots seems to be par for the course in the US. I’m sure it would be covered under your precious constitution’s 8th amendment considering it’s the digital equivalent of being put in stocks and having rotten fruit thrown at you which, keen-eyed observers will notice, isn’t done anymore.

If I liked coke I’d be calling google for a hit quick-smart. $240 would buy you a gram if you were lucky in Australia. Usually it’s 300+

I can’t read. 3g of meth isn’t much meth. It’s about $120 ish here.

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