Gentleman suspected of stealing a magnet was arrested after he went to police station to complain about his wanted poster

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Never ever steal less than a million bucks. The criminal justice system is ruthless to petty criminals.


This whole thing sounds bizarre. Dude shoplifted the magnet (allegedly), was detained by staff and questioned, then instead of calling the police they let him go and released his picture? And then when he went in to the police to complain about these people releasing his picture, the police arrested him?

Also - the owner of the shop says “no-one could have identified him from the poster they put out.” - I disagree… Yeah, you couldn’t see his face, but if he wears that hat and jacket every day (many men don’t have more than one jacket/hat combination), you can be sure that everybody would know it was him.


Then why put it out? I agree. . . something’s weird.


Well, from the article, it sounds like they just had the poster up in their store (and maybe on Facebook?). And then it ended up getting picked up by the news. But again - they detained him, questioned him, let him go and then reported the shoplifting to the police? If they were comfortable enough detaining him in the store, why not just call the police then and there and wait for them to arrive?

“…and then turned on his heel and ran away”. Mmmm, I don’t think they just let him go.

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Is that from the Youtube link? Can’t watch that at work, would definitely explain some of the confusion.

Yeah, the store owner recounts the whole story. Basically, the poster thing was a case of “we know who you are, and what you did, so turn yourself in”.

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Sounds like that would have been a better source for me to review (if I could) than the very confusing Cambridge News article.

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Problem is that you’re quoting only one of the interested parties.


“But the court found Allegretto guilty, with chief magistrate Phil King saying the evidence from shop staff was “clear, compelling and credible” and the identification of the defendant as the thief was “equally compelling”. He will be sentenced at later date.”

I’m only quoting Arbroath here, but I wouldn’t doubt the guy’s been convicted, even though I wasn’t in the courtroom at the time. I think one could safely assume the burden of proof was met, seeing as there’s a video camera right there at the entrance to the store.


I don’t have an opinion on this story, but I shall remember your comment because it could be useful for so many situations in life.


I shan’t doubt the conviction either. But video evidence - especially silent (which seems to be the default but obviously I don’t really know) - isn’t going to show much of a difference between leaving the premises quickly and ‘running away’ unless he’s doing that actual, like, running away thing with speed-lines and a person-shaped hole in the door.

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