Gentleman robs company that specializes in security cameras

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“Gentleman” heheh.

One might argue that ‘gentlemen,’ by definition, don’t engage in illicit activities.

This is one nefarious gentleman. Downright iniquitous, if you ask me!

“Gentleman” is the standard way BoingBoing styles arch-criminals like this guy. The only thing that supersedes it is “Florida Man”.


I’m not surprised that the thief was identified but I am mildly surprised that it quickly led to an arrest:

My impression from all the news about package thieves, Mark Rober videos etc was that even when there’s high-quality footage of the thieves the police aren’t especially interested in tracking down and arresting people for property crimes these days. But I guess if the victim is a high-profile business maybe they have more clout with the PD.


It is good that you think that. The police so often act above their station. Unfortunately, authors, as a class seem to be enamoured of certain insidious and libelous tropes.


Don’t forget about Gentleman Pirates!

(I’m looking forward to that new show about Bonnet)


I mean, if they HADN’T caught the perp on video, it would have been really, really bad press. So I’d chalk this one up as a win.


A challenge was excepted, and a soldier fell. Brave soul…

High profile business that aligns with the cops interests. Cops like surveillance, but for people to be complicit in the surveillance system, they have to believe they will benefit. If it neither prevents nor punishes criminal behavior, why bother?


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