Border Patrol officer flashes badge to avoid getting fined for parking in the disabled spot; gets fined


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I’m fine with this.


Grammar error;
"…at a NASCAR race— than then flashed his badge at him…"


Any links?


Looks like this border patrol officer…crossed the line


Of course, the TV station videographer’s and camera’s presence had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the BP officer was treated like any other person.


I’m also sure that he’ll actually have to pay the fine, as opposed to the fine just disappearing into the ether.


People without disability who take handicap spots are the worst. The fine should be higher so that no one would dare do it.


If only they’d start ticketing the vast majority of people who use the actual placards or start revoking them. In California the corruption surrounding placards is painfully obvious. Three million placards out there. 577 misdemeanor citations last year. Placard abuse should be a felony.


And what about abuse of authority? The turd used his authority to break the law for personal gain. But hey! he’s on the team, so he gets a slap on the wrist.


Goose FTW.




But when the handicapped take one of the spots meant for us normal people, that’s perfectly okay! Oh, sure, I’m the asshole!*


  • Trump 2016!


I dunno… looked to me like the kept his driver’s license in the same wallet that his badge was in, and he just flipped it open to show the officer. I mean, there’s a chance he was hoping that the person would see the badge and let him go, but what was he supposed to do? cover the side of his wallet with the badge with his hand so the person checking didn’t see it?


This is 4 years old though.


I don’t understand how so many people are ok with falsely using disabled placards… It simply comes down to basic ethics about lying, the stuff you lean when you’re five. I guess lots of people are just comfortable with lying and cheating if they feel no one is harmed or that they can get away with it. The sense of entitlement and personal exceptionalism is depressing when you extrapolate to bigger issues in society.

Also, how badly do you need to park close to something?




I also don’t get: have these people never had a mobility problem in their life? Nor anyone in their family? Or anyone else in their sphere of influence?

I once had a sprained my ankle, could barely walk without support for about three days, and couldn’t walk without a limp for weeks.

The day after it happened, I parked in my usual place (pretty far away into the parking lot, because my shift didn’t start until 2 hours after the office opened) and hiked in.

I wasn’t the type to abuse handicap spaces before this, because I do have people in my sphere of influence for whom that extra distance would be a major inconvenience (while for me, I’m healthy, it’s really not much of an inconvenience, and I need the extra steps anyway). However, after dealing with mildly reduced mobility myself for even a brief period of time…

Seriously, WTF?


OK. Fine. $1075.