Man who illegally parked gets big surprise

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Funny. :slight_smile:

Are the pranksters going to clean up all that litter, though? Or do they now deserve to get all the litter put into their homes as a retribution prank on THEM? I guess two wrongs make a right in this case. :wink:


Looks fake as hell. It is too well done, not something on impulse.


Why that poor man… Moral Myopia and Congenital Hypoconscience Syndrome are both legitimate(and widely stigmatized) handicaps! Sufferers of these conditions are frequently the subject of ‘moralist’ discrimination; and all manner of slurs, despite our best efforts to de-stigmatize these forms of ethical diversity. There’s a terribly pernicious misconception that having these conditions makes a person ‘bad’, ‘wrong’, or ‘a total prick’.


Definitely not on impulse. However, maybe this was a habitual thing for this guy? Or for many people in this parking spot?

Actually, now that I look, where are the handicapped spot markings?

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What’s this encoding? Did you receive the images through a third-eye vision? :no_mouth:


Should the pranksters be charged with littering or should the guy throwing the notes on the ground? I was going to say that if he got a parking ticket and threw that on the ground he’d still be responsible for littering, but that’s not a good comparison.

Are people who go around parking lots leaving advertisements on cars guilty of littering? I really don’t know.

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It looks to me like the black square under the circle-E on the white sign above his car.

we must put an end to this rampant jerk-shaming.


The way the guy nearly gets into an accident pulling out suggests to me that he was not a shill. Or at least not a witting shill.


This reminds me of the forgotten practice of tarring and feathering.


One of my favorite Joan Cornellà pieces:

Also: I think that I recall seeing that people parking in handicap spots is a BIG problem in Brasil.


How long was that guy parked there? It’d take hours to put that many post-its on a car, wouldn’t it? Even with a team of people doing the work? And where did the enormous number of blue and white post-its come from?


Just a reminder - if a car with a disabled placard uses a disabled space but the driver doesn’t appear disabled in the slightest, don’t get up in arms or assume they’re scamming or illegally using their family-member’s placard. So many serious disabilities are not immediately visible, and those misconceived confrontations make them even worse. (I assume in this case there was no placard, or that this is secretly a staged video intended to go viral, but wanted to add a note of caution or Don’t Try This At Home either way :smile: )


And some people have worked really really hard to hide their disability so as to live a “normal” life.
Though why you’d want to hide such a cool artificial leg is beyond me! That things cool!!


A ticket would have been sufficient.

Who will shame the shamers?


When he takes the post-its off the window, it looks like they were first applied to a larger piece of paper, and that paper was then put on the car. So, I think this was done in preparation for someone parking there, yet who knows. :slight_smile: Would be fun to hear from the folks that did the prank.


The pranksters are probably working with the guy, who was in on it from the beginning.

This had to be a stunt of some kind. No one has that many blue and white post it notes, nor do they have the time it would take to do that to the car.

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