How to deal with douchebag parking




Someone's white truck is about to get keyed up.


Just so we’re clear, the douchebag in this picture is the one on the right, yes?


If I got nothing going on, I'll park to make it very difficult for said douche to either get in his/her car, or to get out of their spot.


Now all we need is another D-Bag on the other side of the Benz.


Hey, it's not my truck, and therefore hilarious!


I like how some here seem to feel sorry for the rich shithead who can't park properly...

Anyways, the proper way to do this is to park the truck on top of the Benz.


Might be a Pollyanish tendency on my part and all, but sometimes what seems to be douchebag parking is the result of an earlier inept parking by other drivers, since departed.

Even when it's a Benz.



They're both douchebags, two wrongs don't make a right.


That's two douchebags. I don't see anyone "dealing" with it.


True, but I appreciate it when douchebags do their douching on each other for a change.


I saw someone park like that Merc yesterday - the bay they were encroaching on was a disabled one. Proper asshattery.

At my previous employers they repainted the spaces smaller to make more room. People would always park over the lines. In lots of places, even with people parking legally on both sides of you, even if you got into the space, you couldn't open any door wide enough to get out.


I don't see any reason why the Benz owner couldn't have parked flush against the curb on its left-hand side.


It's a numbers game: now if it was a Corolla, I'd gess better than 50%...say, do you know what the difference is between a Mercedes Benz and a cactus?


Pricks on the outside?


I'm guessing the word "prick" is in the answer.


That's usually how it works where I live. People park like complete and utter douchecanoes here, no matter what they drive. One of my worthless superpowers is the ability to park exactly in the middle of a parking place on the first attempt. I have no idea how I do it, either. Anyway, because of this worthless power, the douchey parking is a real thorn in my side.


This is why I insist on always driving a hatchback of some sort. wink


See also: every single parking building in the city. I would feel like a douche parking in a compact only spot with my regular size car, except that every spot is "compact only" like it's the only kind of car someone would want to park.