Man uses his Tesla's “summon” capability to evade parking tickets


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Pretty sure that car drones are illegal.


Classic evolutionary arms race.

Everyone buys self driving cars which can repark themselves every two hours.

City then bans self driving cars from parking there.

Self driving car owners start installing bodykits to look like normal cars.

City outlaws parking entirely.

Self driving car owners start having their cars drop them off and pick them up.

City bans self driving cars.

Self driving cars revolt, killing all humans.


I look forward to next week’s story when the city has turned his car into a solid block.


Or when he tries to summon it from the back of a tow truck.


From your mouth to God’s ears.


I really wouldn’t call that evading…

If he happened to be drunk when he did that (day drinking, yay!), I wonder if he could be charged with DWI? Would that be considered driving?


I think yes. He’s still operating it even if he’s not sitting in it.


Was hoping the vehicle was self re-parked while being observed by a city official. Maybe next time…


Owner summons car.
Court summons owner.


Totally awesome dude!

Except if you look into it… Moving from one spot to another within the same parking zone probably doesn’t skirt the law. Depends on the area, but in many cases parking enforcement can still ticket you.

Haha, this is the best!


As fun as it is to rules-lawyer stuff like this, I have no problem with this dude moving his car back 10’ to avoid a “letter of the law” parking ticket. IMHO those time-limit parking rules shouldn’t be enforced until there are no more spots available anyways. In most big cities, that’s all the time, but something tells me Janesville, WI doesn’t have that problem.


Really once self driving works reliably you can have your car drop you off at your office in the city, then drive out to a cheap parking lot for the day. You can then summon it when you leave so you don’t have to find a parking spot downtown.

Seems like a pretty decent use case if you insist that you really do need a car in the city. Of course even better would be to not even own the car and instead have a fully automated Uber service where you get a car on demand and release it to the pool when you’re done.


And so began the Cars movie franchise!


yet another way in which Elon Musk proves to be a really bad urbanist

Free parking is provided as a concession to business owners, who claim that their customers need it. Parking time limits are the way to make sure that the parking is actually used to transact business, and not as free real estate for businesses to park their employees cars. Now we have this awesome lifehack / liability nightmare that allows upper class people to skirt these regulations and chisel some scant nickels and dimes from a state that really can’t afford to lose money.


This is one of the very same behaviors predicted by the adoption of self-driving cars in this article in the IEEE Spectrum, specifically the ‘jerk by proxy’:

The owners of a self-driving car might order it to behave in ways that benefit themselves but harm everyone else. For instance, a concertgoer might send one of his robotic cars to park near the event well before it takes place or, even worse, to circle the area for hours, all in order to be in position to take him home quickly after the event is over.

I thought the prediction was very prescient, but I didn’t think we’d see it in the wild so soon.


This is the most Tesla owner thing ever.


Last time I checked my local parking laws, you had to move your car a minimum distance (100 feet, I think) to avoid getting a ticket. So, cool, but not always effective.



Owns (or leases) a $100,000 car, but won’t pay for parking.


Owner summons Satan. I mean… Lawyer.