Mom uses her kid to steal guy's parking spot

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Entitled bag of dicks thinks he should get the spot and has even shared a video with the entire world to prove just how right he is. .

At the 10 sec mark look to the far right of the screen. The ‘other car’ driver was talking to the woman in the blue car before the ‘offended’ driver pulled up. Sorry but just because they are Muslim doesn’t give you special rights over a parking spot given to them by the previous driver.


At the 10 sec mark the mom did approach the car pulling out, but the guy was waiting for the spot at the 6 sec mark. The entitled party is the car that stole the spot using their kid as a human shield (religion unknown and irrelevant).


Sorry, having someone go stand in a parking spot is a completely legit way to call dibs.


I’ve seem more and more coordinated attempts to hold parking spaces these days.

A few weeks ago heading to the movies I saw a person using two kids as a shield standing in a space nearly get into a fist fight with a guy in a giant pickup that wanted the space.

Really nuts.

Stole? That kind of implies some kind of ownership doesn’t it? The guy was driving around looking for a spot. Meanwhile someone saw a person was going to leave and asked if they could have the spot. But somehow, because the guy with the camera was sitting in his car 6 seconds before the conversation began, that negates any agreement between the parked person and the lady wanting that spot. Clearly, they STOLE that spot… Yeah… right…
Entitlement is a heck of a thing.


Pretty brave folks. They leave their car to the tender mercies of an unknown person, in a culture known for road rage.


When you’d used the language of entitlement “stole” seemed like the appropriate term. These people’s tiff in the lot’s not really any of my business, there aren’t any formally established rules, though the convention in North America is that the person who shows up first gets the spot, which the jerky people violated, where the typical term used to describe the person violating that convention is that they stole the spot. Blame America if you must blame something for the word.


Another scenario where everyone thinks they’re playing by an obvious and shared set of rules when in fact there are only some shared concepts that aren’t set in any kind of stone.

Are you entitled to the spot if you drive up in the row and put on your blinker?

Are you entitled to the spot if you’ve been circling the parking lot for a longer period of time than another person?

Are you entitled to the spot if you have a bigger party/family?

Are you entitled to the spot if you have a more demonstrable need (limited time, need to use the restroom, pregnant/disabled, etc.)?

Or do you just get the spot if you used any non-illegal means to park in it before someone else did?

Only the last scenario is really true. People have their own concepts about the other scenarios, but those break down if other people don’t also agree to them.


I thought the BoingBoing stylebook had already established a parking spot was not one’s to give away.

See, e.g.,


I don’t think you can technically “steal” a parking spot.


My favorite part is the half-hearted attempt to call out child endangerment. As if somebody should be blamed for ever allowing their child within 100 feet of road-raging drivers.


Two questions:

  1. Why the fuck do people take so long to get in their car and get out of the fucking spot? Get in - turn on the car - and leave.
  2. Why didn’t the guy whose spot was being stolen get out of the car and stand in the spot until the others backed down?

I’m sorry, but with a headscarf, there’s only ONE possible conclusion – they are either Muslim, Conservative Catholic, Catholic Nun, Orthodox Christian, some branches of Judaism, and people who don’t like the sun in their eyes.


If the parked car had any transfer rights, then we are talking ownership of some kind.

Which is it?

I have never encountered a common law that recognizes the right of transfer. It goes to the person that got there first. It’s like putting your quarter on the game.


It’s hard to be sure, unless the parking lot has posted a EULA.


Which you explicitly implicitly accept by proceeding into the lot!



Sure you can. You just have to wait for the pitch to home to give you an opening.

  1. Because people are putting away groceries, strapping in kids, buckling seatbelts, adjusting the radio, and doing all the other things that you shouldn’t do once the car gets moving

  2. One, because he’s fundamentally a cowardly man-child. You don’t film people and post angry rants to the internet about a parking space because you’re a well-adjusted adult. Or maybe he was affraid she would run him down the way he clearly wants to run down a child.


Is it fair to say that John is stealing parking spots?