Driver attempts to parallel park in generously-sized space for 6 minutes

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This has to be set up, right?

How could anyone this bad at parking even get a driver’s license?

(Assuming they had a driver’s license)


Pah. This is what poor parallel parking looks like (action kicks off properly around 35s):


I see occasional glimmers indicating this driver half remembers what they’re supposed to do. Like they read how to parallel park in a book. It reminds me of when my daughter was learning to walk and we could tell she had some of the gross motor skills but just couldn’t put them together yet.


Humiliation by tuba. Always a winner.


It also shows that goofy UK practice of parking facing the wrong way. What the hell is that about?


Speed it up and put Yakety Sax over it.


Hey, some of us are from the 'burbs. We only had to learn parallel parking for the test to get our licenses. After that, our cars are mostly parked in driveways - not on the street. Lack of practice is the main problem. If I have no other option but to park on the street, I make sure to find a spot with plenty of room, and generally end up much further from the curb than I’d like, but not so far that my car is further in the street than the ones near me.

Still, six minutes in a space that big? I’m not that bad…


At 2:51, I thought “finally, the driver has remembered their driving lessons from a few decades back!”

But then, no… There’s another 3 minutes of almost painful to watch attempts to park.

I was beginning to feel like this Bugs Bunny video.


I just remembered that parking scene from the movie Snatch:


I noticed the multiple directions right off the bat - cannot recall ever seeing that in the US.

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Uber propaganda. We don’t need your self-driving cars! Most of us meatsacks can parallel park just fine, thanks.

Cue: Flight of the Conchords, The Humans are Dead.


Shortage of parking spaces plus narrower roads, making parking on the opposite side of the road both a more attractive and a more practical proposition?


I’m just wondering who sits at their window filming drivers in the hopes of one day catching someone this awful. I smell staged.


I see this in practice weekly. There is a big church in our neighborhood that draws 'burbanites.
Yeah, some of them don’t park so good.


At least in my neck of the woods, parallel parking isn’t on the driver’s test anymore. I spent a whole day practicing it with my dad, day of the test came, and the driver’s test was just to literally drive around the block without breaking any laws. There was a reflex test too, just slam on the brakes as hard as you can when the proctor tells you to.


No, I’ve only seen it in the UK. It is really disconcerting, particularly as a pedestrian or cyclist. It makes it hard to quickly figure out one-way streets as the direction that the parked cars are facing gives no clue whatsoever. What appears to be one way, as cars on both sides are facing the same way may in fact, be two way.

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How does it create additional spaces? What does narrow roads have to do with it? I don’t understand your logic.

If find that one of the most depressing aspects of the UK streetscape is the visual pollution caused by endless lines of parked cars, and the conversion of most front gardens into parking lots. Personally, I don’t think there should be any street parking at all. No space for a car? Don’t own one.


I find it safer to assume that all streets are two-way and act accordingly. I see cars going the wrong way down one-way streets every now and then (my neighborhood has a lot of one-way streets), and bikes doing the same all the time.


I don’t know about the other states but in New Jersey it is illegal to park facing the wrong way.