The worst parallel parker in Scotland

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Self-driving cars, I tell you they’ll never be able to match human performance.


Not to mention the time-honoured tradition of making typos (parralel?)when criticizing others’ performance…

That goofy UK tradition of parking on the wrong side of the street always bemuses me. Why is it allowed?

It isn’t, at night (not that I think that’s ever really enforced - along with the one about leaving parking lights on if parked on roads with speed limits > 30mph).

Don’t try it in Blackpool - I’m told by an ex-CPS lawyer that a long-serving police officer has trained multiple generations of new colleagues that prosecuting this offence is an easy way to boost results. Similarly, not many people are fully aware that there’s a legal requirement for motorbike exhausts to show a ‘kitemark’ - but this officer apparently makes a point of looking.

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I got a ticket for that once, on the yank side of the pond.

There’s actually a name for that. It’s called “Muphry’s Law”. I’m a fan.


why do the bad parkers always double down in these videos and floor it? if you can’t do it slow, you can’t do it really really fast either.

What always gets me is when you see people trying to parallel park and they don’t even crane their neck/body around to look at the space between their car and the other car. Maybe it’s because most Americans are too large to do so.

I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say the driver is drunk (and therefore incompetent) rather than just run of the mill incompetent.

Either way, that driver is part of the ~30% of currently licensed individuals who probably shouldn’t be.


Well, that escalated quickly

And things were going reasonably well (if painfully slowly and cautiously) up until that point.

My browser doesn’t like the video - could someone provide the youtube link?

No true Scotsman would park like that.


Don’t they typically park like this?

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I don’t know why, but watching people struggle to parallel park is viscerally satisfying.

But here, I’ll give the benefit of the doubt and suggest that our driver’s foot possibly slipped off the brake and onto the gas.

I might park like that too if I had stolen the car and just wanted somewhere to leave it and then I didn’t like any of the other cars there because they were in my way. Maybe I stole the other cars too and parked them there, all week I was stealing cars and parking them there because I wanted things to fit together in a very special way for a very special lady but then I got there with the last car, the crowning glory, and I was overexcited, and it was difficult to get it to fit exactly in, so I got mad. It’s really a problem of mine, to blame the inanimate objects to not being perfectly suited to my grand plans and aspirations, but then again it was probably a stupid plan to steal all those cars and line them up like that. Jeez, what was I thinking. Then I sped off in a rage, also because the object of my affections for whom I was building this great display walked by me with her irritating dog and didn’t even give me the time of day. People, cars, I hate them all.

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Link to video

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It may have one of the utterly useless & jerky semi auto gearboxes. Fiat were fond of those.