Video: amazing record-breaking parallel parking


I wanna see him get the car out.


Headline rewritten as an internet ad:

Insurance companies hate him! Auto repair shops love him!


Need I point out that … oh, I see I needn’t.

Not to mention the guys who make tires.

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No wonder those guys are wearing suits, that’s an expensive hobby.

I say it’s not parallel parking if you don’t actually start out parallel to the space, need the width of a freeway empty of cars, and can’t get the car back out again.

I shall fetch my typewriter and write a strongly worded letter to the good people at Guinness.


I’ve seen this done before. Frickin sweet.

Not parallel parking but cool.

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And yet the examiner would have failed him on his driver’s license test.

Yeah, those minis are definitely in a serial configuration.


It’s been done before.

Child’s play. Do that on a real street, with the owner of at least one of the cars you’re parking between present and watching, and a curb on one side and angry drivers trying to pass you on the other. And do it every single day for years without causing damage to any car.

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