Time lapse of terrible parking lot


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Smart Car owners presumably watch this kind of thing so they can practice Schadenfreude.


Sure, but on the other hand, Smart Car owners are cursed with Smart Cars.


The loop on this is near perfect, making it look like they’re all just trapped in some f’d up bubble universe where parking is a bitch.


With all apologies to Sarte, No Exit. Hell is other parkers…


There speaks the US perspective, where anything short of an M1A1 is lacking in the size department. Which explains a lot of the problems of urban parking. Car sizes tend to increase to the point at which they can no longer be driven due to lack of roads and parking. In Europe we rely on fuel taxation and economy standards that aren’t designed to favour US SUVs to keep roads driveable. In the US, you rely on social Darwinism. I know which I prefer.

[edit - my brother just visited from DC and has been telling me traffic and pothole horror stories, I may be prejudiced.]


Things like this make me see the potential of gifs, vines, etc., being fit for framing. Pure allegory. I imagine a confused alien species trying to understand humanity, being shown this, and suddenly understanding without the need for conversation.


You Europeans are so clever! I bet there aren’t any difficult parking situations over there, thanks to the taxes and whatnot.


I would like to help you with your thin skin problem, but I lack the medical qualifications to offer advice.


Plus Smart Cars don’t have enough room for our guns and Super Big Gulps…


Losers. That level is easy.


This reminds me of the B train in NYC. It has the most horrible layout possible for passenger flow and pole access. My train stop I have the option of the Q or the B (if you follow the clues in my posts, clever readers should be able to find me by now…) and I sometimes will wait for a Q and be late rather than take the B. I know I’ll just spend my commute obsessing over the insane amount of bottlenecks, bodily contortions, and unwanted intimacy that they managed to pack into one subway car. Mr. Rogers says to look for the helpers, and the only saving grace is that the B train shows how hard some people will try to be courteous on these monstrosities, but the structure itself resists the goodness of mankind.


You Sir, have just won the internet. For life.


True, that. Forget I wrote. Even the Brabus doesn’t have a gun rack as an accessory.


SmartCars are cute and fabulous for squeezing into small places, but not that efficient for most Americans.

SmartCar fuel mileage is about 40 mpg, which may sound impressive, but in fact is less than almost all hybrids and just barely better than a Honda Fit station wagon.

So yes, if your daily commute involves finding a parking spot in Rome, get a Smart (or a Vespa). But since the typical American commute is 28 minutes and ends a full size parking space, other issues predominate. Add in that almost 100 million Americans (30%) don’t even live in cites, and that only a small fraction of Americans live or work in “dense urban cores,” and it is clear that the Smart isn’t and shouldn’t ever be more than a niche product in the US.

now, a self-driving electric vehicle…


Nice bit of culturally bigotry, there.


Although I know which kinds of Smart Cars you mean, I prefer thinking of the Teslas and other smart cars watching this and thinking “One day, we won’t have to deal with any stupid humans at the wheel…


None of the cars were damaged, how is this parking lot terrible?


Parking Karma was put on hold that day.


I love my Fit, now about 2 years old. Tiny to park, turning radius of a bicycle, container space of a TARDIS (I put a small chest freezer in mine once!), excellent gas mileage. The airbag situation, however, leaves much to be desired, as I have been waiting since Spring for my potentially lethal airbags to be replaced.


Needs some Yakkety Sax.