Fellow has bad luck trying to stop his car from being towed

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That ending WOW!

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I’ll show you, unfair tow truck driver, by damaging my SUV’s powertrain and suspension.


I hate mornings like that.

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If someone could reprocess that video with stabilization on so that we can see how much progress the SUV actually made that would be great.

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Another way to avoid paying:


Wow, you must really be bored today.


People can be dicks about parking in the wrong spaces, and I have no sympathy for handycap-squatting; but the outsourcing of police power to tow and giving a virtual letter of marquis to tow everything they can get their hands on more than balances the problem of illegal parking.
There is no due process and the service fee(not a fine) to unlock your vehicle, especially if seized after hours, is extraordinarily high and is a perfect stumbling block to both unemploy and even de-home a person who is barely keeping above water.
Of course the people who make laws park in a garage or gated private area, no fear of waking up and finding that their BMW has been hauled off of street or lot parking.
(edit)Wow, finally got the video to play, not so much worried about the damage to his car, it is a 4x4 and should be able to take far more than this, but the hopelessness of trying to get away but well tethered with the winch, the damage to the truck he will be charged for, and the life-trouble once the armed police arrive and wring him out in court and the legal system.
Stupid decisions make bad day so much worse…


I was on the edge of my seat the whole video!

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I agree wholeheartedly that tow truck operators are granted too much power. I used to think tow truck companies were those benevolent souls who save people when their cars break. Then I grew up and realized that they prey on apartment renters and visitors who can’t afford to get their $700 car out of car purgatory for $200 to get to their $7-an-hour job and still pay their $700-a-month rent when their car is towed. (old numbers. It’s been a while)


There was an amazing lack of yelling, swearing, threats or other altercation like exchanges in that video.

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It could also be a repossession. I’ve seen many videos of people losing their shit with a repo.


Unlucky driver must be a BB reader!

We only got a very small portion of the exchange. There was likely a good bit of yelling, swearing and threats both before he got into the car and tried to drive it away, and after this portion of the interaction as well.

Reminds me of the tow truck vs. limo scene in Skidoo.

Requires mandatory Stevie Goodman:

Edited to add: “recent graduates from the charm school at Joliet” is a reference to the state penitentiary, which is featured in the opening scene of The Blues Brothers (Stevie’s song came first).


If this ever happens to me, I’m going to get into my vehicle, take out my laptop, and calmly start working. I’ll make it clear to the tow truck driver that I’m prepared to sit there for hours until he unhooks from my car. Of course this is all under the assumption that he can’t legally drive away with somebody in the car back there :wink:

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Let’s find some better towing videos to make up for this. Wasn’t there a spectacular one just recently where some car’s entire front end got pulled off? All I could find just now was:

I will just point out here that in many cases it’s not so much police power as property-owner’s power that is being outsourced (delegated). This certainly appears to be in a private strip-mall parking lot, so the tow is authorized by the property owner rather the state. The conditions under which you are permitted to use the property is to park legally. So if you’re parked illegally, you’re essentially trespassing. There’s often a sign explaining all that somewhere…


“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…”

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