I'll just drive my car off this tow truck, what could go wrong?


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Angry "sovereign citizen" meets polite police officer

Didn’t look like a beemer…


Didn’t quite work like it did in GTA5.


It’s not like the tow truck driver would have written down his license plate before starting the tow! \s

…i’m guessing this guy doesn’t think out the consequences of making poor choices.


I guess I was hoping that the sudden, 3 foot drop would do serious damage, that would cost more to repair than paying the ticket.( or what was owed to the bank.

Question, are “tow” trucks like this that lift the car up by the wheels onto the flatbed common in the UK? In the US flatbed haulers usually tilt the back down and then pull the car up onto the back. Which doesn’t work well in tight parallel parking.


How does he not get arrested?!


I dunno man, in GTA 5 I was always getting wedged on/between concrete barriers…


So wait, that was Brexit? :confused:


They chain those cars down. He’s lucky he didn’t lose his front end. Or maybe it doesn’t matter to him any more.


I’ve seen a few videos where the guy gets his car off this way. One guy was recorded getting it off two separate times.

So apparently it works.

Not sure if I’d do it with a car that I care about though.

That said, I have been so angry at someone trying to tow a vehicle that I’ve done stupid things. Had an office where I parked my motorcycle under the vestibule OFF OF CITY PROPERTY (i.e., actually under the physical portion of the building) and they actually tried craning it over the railing to tow it away. Found out the hard way you should NOT grab an officer by the shoulder when he refuses to speak to you when he knows he is in the wrong.

Sometimes these motherfuckers get you to where you can’t think straight.


Gonna have to call a different tow truck


More common than the tiltbed type for parking enforcement. Breakdown types are tiltbeds or dollies mounted on a van. Outside of the major cities it’s very uncommon to be towed away for parking offences, it’s usually handled by ticketing.


Of course in the US, “Tow away zones” are usually enforced by privateers rather than local government employees.


I’m far more surprised by the steadicam footage.


Harness Racing - You’re doing it wrong.

Just a little Traveler joke.


He was in a hurry to get to the ice rink where he works as the Zamboni driver.



That drop is the fastest a Zamboni has ever traveled.


He didn’t get arrested cause he’s tRumps new secretary of transportation…and he did not try to drive that car off the truck! That’s just rigged to look like he did


actually, i am totally surprised. how in the world did that not end up in fisticuffs?