Car repossession goes awry


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Um, that was crazy.


Wasn’t this a minigame in GTA V?


Wait this isn’t Florida?


nah, in Florida the tow truck driver would have run off and left his alligator lying on the seat of the tow truck.


So does the leasee have any recourse in this case? Obviously the auction value of the car is pretty close to nill. Does the loan holder now still owe full value of the loan? It seems that the repo company should have some liability here.


Methinks this is kidnapping and forcible confinement on the part of the tow driver.


The tow truck runs the stop sign. . . so naturally the guy filming it has to run the stop sign too.


Between sound quality and unfamiliar accents, I didn’t really understand what happens after the tow truck is pulled over - how does it keep “getting better” from that point? What’s the new revelation at this point?

Does the person filming say “He’s stealing this car” or “He’s still in his car”?


It turns out the driver is still in the car. i.e. the repo guy kidnapped him


“He’s stealing this”


The life of a repo man is always intense.


Did someone get out of the car at the end? The fellow in the tan pants and grey shirt who goes over to the sidewalk at the end, was riding on the back of the truck the whole time.


The guy that was on the back of the tow truck appears to be the owner of the car. The guy filming says “he’s stealing his car” regarding the tow truck driver and the guy who gets over to the sidewalk, respectively.


In his defense, it was clear!


I could be wrong, but when they do a re-possession I think they want the property back in good shape.


Then who was the guy on the back of the tow truck?


Reposessing things is a really dicey job, i’m sure the majority of the times people are going to be really pissed at you for taking back whatever needs to be repo’d. However in this particular video i don’t know what the hell the repo guy was thinking driving around with the car poorly secured. Glad no one was seriously injured.


Ok here’s the deal. This car is front wheel drive, which means you have to tow from the FRONT.

This car was most likely parked nose in, which means the tow driver quickly hooked up to the rear in order to pull the car out of the spot.

Typically you pull it out a little ways further so you can safely do this without being seen by the owner.

It looks like the owner say the tow happening and either rode on top of the truck or jumped in the car (maybe a buddy is riding on the back).

Filming picks up with the driver making a break for it to safety, not wanting to stop to have a discussion because this is COMPTON.

Lastly, some drivers have rolling gizmos to go under the FRONT wheels to avoid having to stop and re-hook up the right way.

And of course the owners are claiming that the car is being stolen, etc.


I saw this happen once in college. The car was being dragged down a residential street with a lot of nice cars, and the dragged car was hitting them all as it flew by. Lots of Lexus, BMW, etc. Cops came, took my statement and everything. Never found out what it was about.

Naperville, IL Btw. Safest city in America, by some accounts.