Idiots in cars


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If I’d just got there one second sooner, he couldn’t have towed me. If I floor the gas, can I get do-overs?


How did this one NOT fail?!?!?!


I can’t wait for autonomous cars


One fluke…and now they’ve given so many other idiots false hope for the future.


I wanted it to fail just because it was so mind-bogglingly stupid and they only succeeded due to dumb luck. (And everyone involved would be totally fine, no one drowns, etc. etc.)


The white truck getting towed: is it too much of a stretch to make a connection between people having that kind of mentality, and Trump getting elected? The self-righteousness, resentment, and defiance of facts? And ultimate sorry end?
Sorry. I can’t help but think it.


Another good one (although far less active) is /r/ShowoffsCrashingCars. Of course /r/roadcam is also always very entertaining.


What came to my mind, was how so many people take guns for granted. In both cases you have powerful tools weilded by people lacking the imagination to see it going wrong.

Yeah, the ballot box, Brexit and Trump. It fits.


It’s the sense of entitlement nestled in the toxic masculinity of many cultures.

Here in Tijuana, it’s regular practice for people to run red lights. IT :clap: IS :clap: A :clap: THING :clap:. It cannot be denied, and I’m awaiting the day I see someone get smeared on the pavement in front of me.

Don’t get me started on the number of towaways one sees at the alcohol checkpoints.


I don’t understand that towing thing. I understand towing a car if it’s illegally parked and the owner is not there. But clearly the owner was present for this one? Why’s his car getting towed? Why’s he not just getting a fine to pay?


This being America the most likely answer is this is a repossession for non-payment on the car. Let me check…

Aaaaand bingo. That’s 100% what it is:

Bonus points: This was in Florida (we should have a Florida man Bingo, geeze).


I came here to say, “Sometimes I wonder how tf our country elected Trump. Then I see vids like this.”


Ah, cheers! That makes sense. I wonder though what they’ll repossess when he can’t pay the damages done to the truck in that tug of war… His kidneys maybe?


Truck, sportsball, guns, Trump. Seems legit.

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