Car repossession goes awry


So much safer and more dignified than a remote lock-out for delinquent borrowers.


Would have gotten away with it, too, if not for those meddling kids!


Do you think the tires blew out from the car being in park, or being placed back in drive, attempting to accelerate away, or just braking?


You’d be surprised - The decision to repo a car is not made at a high level. Folks barely above clerk duty make the call, and the intent is not very focused on defraying the loss on the car loan. It is much like turning a bad debt over to a collection agency, it is a write-off as far as the bank is concerned.


It was the owner of the car. You can see there’s no one in the car if you look closely. This was apparently a repo gone wrong - tow truck driver hooked up then got accosted by the owner and tried to get away. Dude got on the truck with a crowbar and smashed out the back window.

Source: (via, always good if you like crazy car videos)


Love how “no arrests were made” despite incredibly dangerous driving and a guy jumping on a van and smashing windows. Just another day in Compton, I guess.



No idea what it’s like there, but around here the tow-truck companies are almost 100% owned and run by organised crime gangs.



I… uh… the hell I just watch?


You joke but outside of Providence RI I saw a t-bone happen right in front of me. The driver of the smaller car, doing the running of a stop sign at speed, got out and ran away. When the driver of the truck she hit and I looked in her car (I was stuck there from the traffic, but unscathed) we saw two things.

Cayman in the backseat, crack pipe in the front.

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