Well-dressed fellow rips boot off car so as not to miss his flight


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Not his fist time with a boot me thinks. Bravo.


that was one lame boot.


Wait, DIGG still exists?!?


Most impressive is that, despite his hurry, he is careful not to litter.


I think it resurfaced back when Google Reader shut down and was part of the jockeying to become the go-to replacement RSS aggregator. I wound up landing at Feedly so I stopped paying attention at that point.


For some reason, I never looked at the front wheel, but when he pulled the boot off to reveal the BMW logo on that hub, I think we all said “of course.”



That is the shittiest boot I have ever seen.


Crazy. I landed on Feedly also but didn’t realize that digg had an RSS functionality. I never realized they tried to outgrow the viral aggregation business they were in back in the day.


In this case, “careful not to litter” probably also means felony theft of government property. Here in the states, there are some places where they may charge him with “stealing” the caution tape, as well as the boot.

I would be a tad nervous about the guys shooting video.

My defense would be, “I though the boot and caution tape were a gift!”


Some of those places in the US outsource the parking enforcement, which is often overzealous enough that you can get those charges thrown out based on the boot/tow not being justifiable in the first place.

Man, fuck Chicago. The list of traffic and parking enforcement fuckery here is insane.


Bravo Sir, BRAVO!


I am not 100% sure but it looks like the account that uploaded the video and is claiming copyright on it isn’t the original uploader nor do they have permission from them judging by the comments.

Here’s the original video (as far as i can tell, i’m at work so limited time to browse around on youtube).


Ah, ok. I was imagining the British meaning of car boot and really wanted to see the video


Seems to me that disabling one’s ability to use one’s transportation seems like a bit of an overreach. A ticket should suffice, and if he fails to pay then take whatever steps are needed to punish him.


Actually I went there after posting and didn’t see anything that suggested they do RSS aggregation so maybe they abandoned their efforts after Feedly and others gobbled up all the Reader refugees. I seem to recall them not really being prepared for Reader’s closure and maybe they realized too late just how many people were interested in that sort of thing (DOZENS of us).

Edit: ok, so it does seem to exist. Just not as a link on their main page: https://digg.com/reader


Came for this, left satisfied.


Like, for example, putting a boot on a vehicle?

My thought is that when he gets back from his trip, he’ll park in the same place, reattach the boot and say 'No I didn’t."


It’s one of my top 5 episodes for sure.