The windshield barnacle is a replacement for the boot


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congratulations, that’s way easier to just pry off your car compared to a boot.

If you can see the suction cups…that’s 75% of the work.


You used to have to hacksaw your way out of this, now you can hack your way out with a computer


What if the cost of the tickets and removal of the barnacle is greater than your insurance deductible for repairing a broken windshield…?


I liked the Squatty Potty commercial better than this one. And that one a few years back about the soccer team vs the demons from hell. Yeah, that one rocked so hard.


So… you pay the ticket and it detaches automatically… at which point it can easily be stolen for petty vengeance.


This is a feature - you get charged for it, more than it’s worth I imagine, and since it’s the police billing you, you don’t get a license renewal until you pay.


The owner of a parking lot put a sticker on my windshield once. It was about 81/2 x 11 and indestructible. There was no fine to pay, it was private property - just an hour or so of solvents and elbow grease. It’s probably not legal, because I’ve never seen it on any car since.


“And a lot of times the money collected from those fines goes towards public schools”

This made me laugh so hard I almost wet my undercrackers.


One company I worked for, we had a problem with visitors to another business blocking our truck access. We found an excellent solution in a company that made two types of stick on notices. The first one told people they were parking illegally, and said at the bottom "This is a peel-off sticker. The next one will use permanent glue. Your car registration number has been recorded."
We never had to use the Level 2 Sticker.


I’ve seen videos of Russian teens placing large stickers on the windshields of vehicles that drive down pedestrian paths.

I imagine putting a sticker on the windshield of a car counts as vandalism in the US. The cost of getting your car back from a tow truck place is high enough as a deterrent for a lot of people.


Someone now needs to invent a “car remora” for those with too many speeding tickets. It tracks speed and location, plus a decorative streamer.

The ocean is full of possible vehicular enforcement accessories!


And if you get to the point where this is installed the PD already has your name address and license plate number. So you’ll just get fined/charged for that.

Likewise the alternate method over boots (and eventually this) is to issue a warrant for your arrest. The idea here seems to be that its easier to install even if its easier to defeat. Theoretically meaning the whole imprisoned for parking tickets thing can be used less frequently.


Did you miss the bit about GPS tracking?


Your move.


When you pay over the phone, they give you instructions on where to drop off the barnacle. You have 24 hours to do so. If you don’t, well, they do have your credit card or bank account info.


Yes sir, we have tracked the stolen barnacle.

Well, where is it?

Sir, it is at the bottom of the river with all the other stolen barnacles.


This post is going to give me nightmares about what we can expect from the internet of things.


Doesn’t really make sense. If you’ve already paid to have it removed, why would you risk have to pay even more by not taking it the drop-off station?


The scenario being discussed was someone removing it by force. The commenter suggested that it could still be tracked.