How to deal with a boot on your car


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I bet you could make a mint making fake boots to make it look like justice has already been served.


I don’t think this person thought this through. The city knows whose car that boot was attached to. This will just deepen this person’s problems.


…Of course that assumes that the car is in the possession of the registered owner…


This is an incorrectly installed boot. The blocky part at the end is meant to cover the lug nuts so that the tire can’t be removed from the vehicle.


The boots that I am familiar with have a big cup that fits over the hub, so that it can’t be moved out of the way of the lug nuts. Looks like the designer of this one was slacking off.


Was a dude in San Francisco that cut these off for $100 bucks [acetylene & reciprocating saw] from the trunk of his car. He told me his record was 10 in one day. Gosh I love America’s open market!


A new tire costs $75-$125. A new rim is similarly priced. Does this trick really pay for itself?


Let’s see you try your little trick on this one:


The assumption is that the application of a real boot means that justice has been served.



Based on the headline, I was expecting this article to be a guide on breaking them.


Considering what it might cost to fight a criminal mischief and destruction of public property suit long term, it might just be wiser and cheaper to simply pay your parking tickets…

Just saying.


Use it to hold your parcels when you leave Marks & Spencers??


saves on materials.



Couldn’t they just call Angle Grinder Man?


I assumed afterward the motorist in question put the spare on and took the clamped wheel in the trunk or bed of the vehicle, getting a free boot in the bargain. Of course the firm that put it on presumably recorded the vehicle’s tags, so this might result in the issuing of an arrest warrant depending on the local statutes.


Considering most municipalities don’t slap these on until you’re 5+ large, unpaid tickets (that have inflated with penalties over time) in the red, a new tire/rim will likely be a lot cheaper.


The idea of booting is silly.
“Oh no you can’t park here…so I’m going to disable your car so it will be parked here for quite a while”


I assume this is a regional or urban thing. Most people around here would cut it off almost immediately, even if they had to pay a large fine. Just on principal.
I guess you have to work up to stuff like that, starting with tickets, and working in stages until people accept the idea that some person can go around immobilizing people’s cars.