How to deal with a boot on your car

Does this trick pay for itself if it costs you $200 for a tire and a rim (and if you can get away with it?) The last parking ticket I got (too long at a meter) was $35, but handicapped parking space violations are often $500 around here, and there are lots of places like Ferguson MO that are famous for using excessively high traffic fines and similar violations to pay for their police forces and city budgets.
(And as other people have said, usually you don’t get the boot until you’ve got a stack of unpaid tickets, plus the guy probably took the booted tire with him, and if it’s a stolen car and has a spare, then sure, why not.)

I had two tickets result in a $600 boot removal.

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They boot you for long-unpaid tickets, not your current state of parking.


Which begets the question: what are those called in Jolly Olde?

Added: Never mind. My question was answered in in @MikeTheBard’s link.

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That looks like a model I’m familiar with and it’s easily defeated by using a security torx screw driver (or driver bit) to remove four screws. Easy, non-destructive, and no tire changing required.

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NOT necessarily true. In Jersey City, for instance, they regularly boot people for simply parking in the wrong place (even if they actually haven’t). It’s a cash grab, plain and simple.

i’m betting the person who took the car is not the original owner who got booted.

Why not just impound the car?

One can also buy boot or manufacture boot keys, which is easier than removing the wheel. Start a car boot collection!

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That seems like an interesting way to also screw over those who got booted as well, as they would be the main suspects. Which in theory should lead to a questioning of the practice, but in reality will only lead to more obstinacy amongst the cops, courts, and legislatures.


It has been my observation that typically cars are booted when they are parallel parked and can’t be easily towed.

Or hold a car boot sale.


In the UK they’re more likely just to take the whole car, and the cranes they use can quite happily take one that’s parallel parked:

Instead of The Boot the latest thing is The Barnacle.

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In Boston they tow you boot and all if you don’t pay for removal within like 48 hrs. Very quickly you can find yourself in a shitstorm and lose your car- once you’re towed you’ll be looking at $1k or more to get your car back, for just $250 worth of tickets. Total. Fucking. Racket.

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