Business booms for Atlanta duo liberating vehicles from the boot

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I get that it feels good to “stick it to the man” but ultimately it will solve nothing, and the next time your car gets caught, the consequences will be much worse (the jurisdictions will just tow the car and you will be SOL).

I live in Chicago, so I know the pain of capricious and arbitrary parking tickets, but at the end of the day, it’s far simpler to get clean with the city (Hell, even Chicago offers payment plans for tickets) and not run the risk of an impound, which gets very costly.

Yeah, you’re right. We should never fight back against forms of oppression, especially not the working poor whose entire lives can be derailed by a parking ticket… Better to just accept shit, instead of doing anything to change anything… /s

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If a municipality has to offer payment plans for tickets they are clearly targeting the wrong offenders.

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Paring violations are oppression. Da full witj that bullshit?

That’s a good laugh, thanks.

Yeah, actually… if you read the article or knew about the issue here in ATL at all, you’d know that it’s a problem of exploitation of the working poor who do have cars, who tend to get booted more and can’t afford to get their cars freed because of the cost. This is as the city is gentrifying and pushing out the working class communities in favor of people with the means to not have to worry about a booting charge.

You’re lack of awareness of the problem isn’t particular funny, I’d argue.


Ooooor you could simply follow the parking laws. I have no patience with people who try to cut corners and then whine about oppression. There is real oppression in this county and getting booted for not following laws everyone else has to isn’t it.

You do get that the “parking laws” in question are created by private businesses that make parking rules and boot people as a money making grift, right? We aren’t talking about publically voted-upon parking laws that the city is enforcing for some common good

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Huh? Who is placing the boot and why?

Private companies, extracting money from the drivers. Maybe RTFA
Atlanta metro has 30 companies that put ~100000 boots on cars a year that parked in privately owned spaces and charge the people fines to have the boots removed. It is a massive grift, that these two women are fighting against


Read the article. It’s really not like that… reality is not like that. The people who are the primary victims of capitalist schemes like this aren’t remotely lazy or whining. This is BS propaganda by corporations and the right wing to get you to hate the poor. It’s bullshit and it’s always been bullshit…

Exactly this. But hey… the poors are just whiners, right? /s :roll_eyes:

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I did RTFA on BB.

The entire article (NPR link in the BB article) gives a greater depth as to why this is a problem. It has been a major issue of metro-area politics around here for a while now. It’s not, as @AverageLiberalSlatie seeks to suggest, a problem with lazy poor people who break the law. This is a corporate grift, as @Scientist accurately states.

[ETA] Some more on this:

And on the larger issue of how things like traffic tickets can have a devastating impact on the working class, see articles like this one:


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