Best way to deal with parking spot stealers

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Because fuck the innocent guy with the car on the other side of the lane who now can’t get out of his own space?


Yeah, I would have left it right smack in the middle of the lot, so that everybody can still get out, but hopefully purple guy gets towed/ticketed.


Really, it looks like he just screwed the folks in the pickup who want to leave. That’s kinda dickish.

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The pickup has plenty of room to get out. I mean seriously.


Exactly, both of the cars do.
Nice move Jeep-dude.

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Yeah, so if that wasn’t a stick shift, he just pulled the car backwards through the Park gear. Purple car guy is an ass, but yellow jeep guy is worse. Also apparently he’s a criminal who has broadcast his crime to the world. Far far better to ignore the incident and move on to another space.


as a commenter on imgur pointed out, it sure does look like this was filmed with a drone i.e. staged. you can see the POV ‘hovering’.


Next up: more best ways to deal with parking spot stealers:

· Drive a monster truck right over those jerks. That will show 'em.
· Take up cycling. Laugh at parking problems.
· Murder.


Nah, then we wouldn’t get this moment of entertainment. Everyone fulfilled their roles beautifully, if you ask me.

It’s a teachable moment, folks: if you park like a dick, you’ll probably get away with it. But you never know when vengeance will be exacted. When I worked at CBS Studio Center, cars parked in the wrong place were moved by forklift, and none too carefully at that. Just this morning, I arrived at my reserved parking space to discover a neighboring car parked some 8" into my space. So I just snugged up tight against his or her driver’s side door, confident that they’re going to leave first. I’m centered in my space, and the offender will face the minor inconvenience of climbing in through their passenger door in order to leave, and the world spins merrily on.


That’s not nearly as bad. No damage done. And no crime committed either. Reasonable teaching there :smile:


This was my old car park at work. Even if everyone parked in the spaces properly, there were still times you couldn’t get out either side. I’m convinced they made more spaces by painting the lines closer together.

Still, probably better than this one down the road. Bigger spaces, but that’s a row of poplar trees out front. One windy day a number of them came down on the first two rows of cars. I think they took all the trees down eventually.

My parking structure is this one (apparently photographed by Google on a weekend).

You can see where they’ve repainted lines to create a bunch of “compact” parking spaces. They’re annoying, but even with three large parking garages, the studio still has a parking shortage.

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This was a d!ck move, but the one that I hate the most is when people “pull through” into a spot you want to park in. Had people do this to me then just sit there and look and me and refuse to back up into the spot behind it.

This is why I never pull through even though my wife encourages me to.

I’m sure there’s a way round that:


I take the slow-and-easy approach myself–the grass in front of the spots is almost never taken:


Saw a recent reference to a couple of guys who went for the same spot and settled it by signalling for a rock, paper, scissors battle.

RE: parking
Saw one thing that Houston does that actually makes sense – they deputize anybody who takes a 4 hr class to be able to ticket handicap parking violators.


Yes. It is not obvious that the purple guy stole the space he may have been unaware of the Jeep.
A friend of mine would usually blow his nose into his hand and rub it on the offending drivers door handle.

There’s a few times that I’ve actually seen people park in the handicapped parking and then get out and limp for a bit, but later walk normally in the supermarket.

I imagine that it is a difficult call… There are lots of people with handicap plates that don’t look like they need it, but actually do. I’m betting that the Houston program is just for folks that don’t have any sort of handicap tag at all.

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