Road rage: expert level



It’s the driving gloves that make this really scary.


that was considered tailgating? this dude should definitely not move to Connecticut, then…


The cheesy pop ballad soundtrack adds a nice quality as well.


Three comments: 1) how fast/slow was he going? 2) what’s with the gloves? 3) he could get shot that way.

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The closer a “buttsniffer” gets, the slower I go, timing how long it takes them to go around. Some people seem to have an amazing desire to follow, even when you are going slow enough to irritate them.

What really steams me is when someone tailgates through a stop sign, without even bothering to tap the brakes. I’ve been known to stop, then pull forward one car length up and stop again (only if there is no one else in the intersection) so that the tailgater must stop at the appropriate place. I then reach out the window and point at the sign before moving on. I haven’t been shot yet, thankfully. Usually, the offender will turn off at the next intersection.


I suppose if you don’t have tattoos, putting on some gloves might allow someone to think you might have tattoos.

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I loved that he just stood there, and disapproved, then gave the slightest head nod, as if to say, “Alright then” then got back in his car.


I don’t understand the negative reaction to non-honking, non-light-flashing tailgaters. They’re doing what to interfere with your drive? Were you planning to suddenly go in reverse?

Hope you don’t cause an accident. I drive a cab 50 hours a week, and it is extremely common in my state for people to drive 10-20% below the speed limit (even in the passing lane). This creates far far unsafer roads than people speeding. My livelihood depends on at least going the speed limit, so you better believe if someone is playing with their phone and limping along, or just being self-righteous “keeping the roads safe”, I’m going to get right up on their ass and turn my brights on. Traffic requires us to pay attention to our surroundings and work together, not inflict our idiosyncrasies on one another.


I get the feeling that they’re telling me, “You’re going too slow! I wanna go faster! You’re in my way! GRRR!”

Sheesh, if I’m going so slow that you have to ride my ass like that, just hit the gas and pass, please.

It’s also dangerous; if I have to suddenly brake for something like a dashing critter, a butt sniffer (heh) could easily slam into me.

One 10-foot gap for each 10 miles per hour, please.


They’re putting you and your property at risk. If you have to break suddenly, they’ve rear-ended you and you may have a soft-tissue injury. Even if they have insurance and they pay for it (because they’re at fault), you have to go through the hassle of getting quotes, finding a replacement car, waiting for your car to get repaired or worse, having to buy a whole new car.

Speaking as someone who has been rear-ended by a non-honking, non-light flashing tailgater. And no, I didn’t break suddenly just to piss him off.


Re: negative reaction.

If they are tailgating and you have to slow down abruptly they will RUN INTO YOU!!! And it’s entirely preventable, simply by NOT FOLLOWING SO GODDAMN CLOSELY!

You’ve heard about those multi-car pileups on the interstate in foggy weather? Entirely preventable by not following closely.

I was hit by an uninsured tailgater 6 months ago in stop and go traffic, even though I left extra room in front of me so I could slow down extra slowly.

Sometimes I run my windshield wipers even though my windshield is already clean, and imagine that I am urinating on the car behind me.


And if your tire suddenly blows, it could cause an accident, too. But the vast majority of the time, tailgaters don’t cause accidents, just like most tires don’t spontaneously delaminate. Does it occasionally happen? Sure. Do you need to worry about it? Probably not.

I don’t mean to seem disingenuous - I do understand that people get real pissy about someone following them like that. I’m just suggesting: drivers are wrong to get upset about annoying things happening behind them.

This. It’s the polite way of saying “please go the speed limit”, or “I need to pass you”. 99% of the time I tailgate or witness tailgating it’s because the driver in front is going well below the speed limit. If I’m tailgated, and don’t want to speed up, I pull off a little and let them pass, no emotion need be wasted. I’m sure there are situations where people are just being aggressive assholes though, no doubt.

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Or faster right? I mean, come on. Those posted speed limits are way to low. AmIright?

Yeah, how dare they not consider you when driving? People need to drive AT the speed limit or higher. Going slower than that takes money out of your pocket and that totally justifies you being an asshole on the road and a menace to everyone else.

How do you not see the irony of that last statement?


You’re both being a bit selfish here. If someone’s tailgating, wait until it’s safe and create an opportunity for them to get by. If you’re someone who tailgates, well, stop it - even if you’re a taxi. Why do people always need to prove a point?

[quote=“thirdworldtaxi, post:10, topic:45318”]
it is extremely common in my state for people to drive 10-20% below the speed limit (even in the passing lane). This creates far far unsafer roads than people speeding.
[/quote] citation needed. Your livelihood may depend on going at least the speed limit, but people’s lives depend on people keeping their cool on the road. If your taxi is slowed down by all these loafers, then aren’t all taxis slowed by this?

[quote=“thirdworldtaxi, post:10, topic:45318”]
Traffic requires us to pay attention to our surroundings and work together, not inflict our idiosyncrasies on one another.
[/quote] I fail to see how tailgating, whatever the reason, qualifies as working together.

  1. It’s called a speed LIMIT, not a speed mandate.
  2. Putting yourself that close to another vehicle can cause drivers to at the very least get nervous and panicky which can negatively impact their ability to drive well.
  3. You are getting paid to drive, everyone else does it for free. Cut them some slack and don’t be so aggressive.

Because it’s annoying having some twit right behind you all the time, and it accomplishes nothing. They are not going to get where they are going any faster by tailgating, they will just get there less safely, pissing people off as they do.


Is it a wonder why cabbies have a reputation as bad drivers?