Car crash video: tailgaters suck, but so do brake-checkers

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Looks like someone didn’t know the stopping distance of their SUV to me. If you are gonna play that game you better know the rules or else somebody will eventually put you in the guard rail.


The tailgater has a vanity plate that looks like a play on the word “princess”


My understanding here at least was that if you rear-end someone you’re nearly always considered at fault. The situation doesn’t matter much. It’s really easy for the person in front to simply claim that they thought they saw something running across the road and were slowing down to not hit it. Imo in this situation the person who ended up in the ditch deserved it. And hopefully that was a lesson well-learned because it could have been way worse, he/she got off easy.


I just sigh at the commuters who follow that close or worse pass me on the right to go follow the car in front of me that close when the traffic is not going any faster than I am but I just like to have some space to stop just in case.


In my state, if you rear-end someone, you are liable—period. If they braked too fast for you, it’s because you were following too close. (Of course, this oversimplification leads to other abuses, like the “swoop and squat.”)

This video positively radiates schadenfreude. I only feel sorry for any passengers involved.


Really everything would be fine if people who aren’t passing stay out of the passing lane.


Exactly. The fault is entirely that of the tailgating driver who overreacted to the brake light of the vehicle in front while following far too closely for safety. Brake checking? Nonsense. Who knows why the driver in front tapped the brakes? Possibly a reaction to the merging vehicle coming from the left? Again, who knows? What is clear is that a speeding tailgater lost control of an unsafely operated vehicle. Hope whoever was driving is OK. Also hope that driver who wrecked was ticketed for the incident.


In this case, though, the checker was passing, so even that claim doesn’t fly.


Yeah my experience with bad tailgaters is they don’t give a fuck who is where or why, they tailgate all the time. Even in the city where there may only be one lane available. This doesn’t really address the problem.


This makes it even sweeter!


I’d love to be educated on ANY instance where an insurance company finds the person hit from behind as “at fault”.

I was in the far right lane when a person crossing the double lane road to proceed in the opposite direction that I was coming from; was then struck and pushed into the back driver side quarter of my car. So her back end struck my side.

I was considered “at fault” because it was the rear end of her vehicle and I should have been able to avoid being hit.

The only way the rear end accident can be that driver’s fault is if their vehicle is in reverse and they back into your car. And even then, your vehicle better be parked completely in the proper and correct spot and position.


But what if I’m always passing?

Besides when traffic reaches a certain density where I live the standard idea of leaving X number of car lengths just goes to shit. Because there is going to be some asshole less than 2 car lengths from your bumper and if it’s not me, then it’s that other asshole.


Can’t wait for autonomous cars.


I love to drive but by god there are times I’d trade it all to just get to my destination in a reasonable amount of time instead of being stuck in congestion.


The tailgater riding so close to the first car is what is making the situation dangerous. If you follow at a reasonable distance you don’t have to worry about brake checkers. It’s under your control, so it should be your liabillity,


Tailgating on a highway is generally because there is someone in the passing (left) lane that is not passing but just hanging out because there is less traffic in that lane. All states have laws that state that the left lane on a highway is for actively passing only. This specific incident looks complicated as the ford edge(brake checker) was passing the truck that’s recording the video but possibly didn’t get in the right lane because of merging traffic. Either way tailigating that close is really stupid as is doing a brake check for no reason. I bet you if a traffic judge saw this they’d issue tickets to both of these assholes and doing something like a brake check could actually be a criminal offense as he’s in effect purposefully forcing the tailgater off the road.


This is what I always imagine happening when I see those caravans of cars buzzing by with about 2 feet between them. More people need to see this so they see why tail-gating is such a terribly stupid idea.


Yup. Once it reaches a specific density any gap in front of you begs someone to jump in and potentially cause an accident -it’s safer to ride the car in front of you prepared to brake, than to leave proper room and have to brake suddenly and unexpectedly.

Agree 100%


I was taught to leave 2 seconds of braking time; forget car lengths. At 60 mph, 2 seconds ≈ 175 feet; at 5 mph it’s more like 15 feet.

I agree 100%. [ETA: lots of agreeing 100% around here]