Entitled partygoer learns a hard lesson in parking etiquette

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Yeah, don’t be that person and park in someone’s driveway or blocking access to it :roll_eyes:


Funny story, but it’s never a good idea to escalate like that. It’s going to get really ugly really fast. Just call the tow truck. Use the systems society has for this sort of thing.


Sure, but just be positive that the car had 4 flats before the the tow driver arrives and have photo evidence to back you up


TD told the woman he intended to stay drunk over the three-day weekend and would move his car on Tuesday

Gotta have goals


I mean, someone else has already determined they’re more important than you, what’s a little physical violence to them?

On a related note, I’ve seen situations (mainly when people did more of their shopping in person) where parking spaces at a shopping center were scarce; two drivers were waiting on the same person to pull out of one space; rather than either of them yielding to the other, they both pulled up and blocked the person trying to leave so that no one could take the space.

I told myself that, if I were the one stuck in the parking space, I’d get out of the car, tell the other two drivers they could pound sand while I go get a snack, and walk back in. Then I reminded myself I was in TX which had (then) recently gone concealed carry…


You sure you wanna mess with someone known as The Toilet Destroyer?

He could be a superhero/supervillain, and destroy your toilet from afar with the power of his mind.


My GF had this issue, especially due to not living living at her house, though using it for lunch.

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Instructions unclear. Ate the house for lunch.


If i got boxed in like that by angry impatient drivers i think things have already escalated. Going back into the store might piss them off but its what i would do in order to get myself into a safe place while they sort themselves out. Either that or offer to be a referee and that they should decide with a game of rock, paper, scissors :man_shrugging:


The walls are full of cotton candy!


Not even that; Just tell the tow company that there’s a car parked on your property that’s not yours, and have them tow it away. You’ll want to have the tow company’s number handy for the person that decided to park there, and even if you own the place, just tell them that ‘the landlord had it towed.’


It also leads to all sorts of unintended consequences. Who knows who else it would affect? There’s a lens and a script for how to deal with getting your car towed; it’s a known quantity for someone to adjust to. Having your car held for an entire weekend due to someone’s anger? That could make people desperate.

It just feels like one of those cases where someone is thoroughly enjoying the license to be mean. Yes, they did something entitled and inconsiderate to you, but such a disproportionate response is really about puffing yourself up. In similar cases for myself, I look back and feel… gross? It’s funny, but as I get older, it becomes more uncomfortable to celebrate it.


If it does, though, there’s a likely suspect and a license plate number handy. :man_shrugging:

Still, good luck on getting police to follow up on that one.


from the Reddit, towing wasn’t an option:
“Keep in mind my driveway is a single car width lined with a retaining wall on both sides and a garage at the end. Essentially impossible for a tow truck to come pull them out without property damage.”


Depends on where you are. I used to have this happen regularly in Chicago, and not only will local towing companies not tow a car if you can’t prove you own it, but the police won’t even issue a ticket let alone tow the car to a police lot. You’re just stuck. Once I even missed a radiation appointment because of it (by the time I realized, there wasn’t enough time to call a cab).


I lived near a sports stadium at one point, and some guy parked in the driveway shared by me and the people who lived in the other 6 flats in the block.
When one of my neighbours needed to leave for work, he called a tow truck. It didn’t seem unreasonable at all.


Gotta call the Lincoln Park Pirates!


I have seen tow trucks get cars out of very tight spots. (like through the hole they punched in my neighbours fence…)

A challenge is that they might have to damage the car itself to preserve the property and local laws may complicate that.

(As mentioned above Local laws on towing someone from a driveway can be really convoluted)

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I’ve had somone towed from my rented spot. More fitting. Person can still get their car and it isn’t just a malicious lie. Agree with the comments that escalating easily backfires.