Another man filmed keying a Tesla, by the Tesla

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Oh, you don’t wanna do that.


I love how Tesla cars have become some symbol of “douchiness” wherein these people decide to damage the car with some thought of “I’ll put this asshole in their place!”

We all know “those” people are the BMW drivers.


Damn football hooligans.


I imagine these people muttering “Global warming is a Chinese hoax” under their breath as they do it.


Some. But I’m sure some are just angry about some douche who calls others pedos and similar things.

The CEO is bad for the brand.


Things happen for a reason.
Usually, that is money. But what happens when a bad actor gets involved?
You may want to know, OR you may want to hide on another planet, if you can.
I hate to speak of it but we are one small step closer to Skynet.
Couple these cars to an A.I. and watch the downfall of man.
Don’t believe me? Want to see how one “product” (ostensibly made for crime control ) could conceivably destroy our civilization, all in the name of capitalism.
This popped up on Youtube a few days ago…
Amazing production values, the “unveiling” has sort of the look of Steve Jobs announcing the first IPhone. That type of publicity. Too bad the audience there didn’t quite grasp the true implication.

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Local news loves this sort of thing?



hey! thanks for that – jesus. too possible.

The irony, and I’m speaking as both a native of the US South and a current Colorado resident, is that “white guy driving oversized pickup truck as his primary mode of personal transportation” is a far more reliable indicator of being an insufferable, toxic asshole than almost any other vehicular signal I can think of, and you better believe those guys are intentionally signaling with that choice. Their douchiness, I mean. Certainly not their lane changes.

I just take it as a given that no matter how fast I’m driving, if one of them appears on the road behind me, it’s only a matter of time before my entire back window is filled with nothing but ugly chrome grille, and the special fun of Colorado is, there is a solid chance when he gets around to displaying his mighty masculinity by finally passing instead of literally using his vehicle to threaten people’s lives he’ll flip on his illegal “coal-rolling” device(*) to drive home the point what an unassailable badass he and his truck are.

And believe me, my late-model Subaru couldn’t stand out less in this state. It’s not like I’m one of those awful Tesla drivers who is so clearly asking for it.

(*) For those living in areas not blessed with this phenomenon, it’s a brilliant invention that intentionally screws up the fuel mixture of a Diesel engine to cause inefficient burning and and a massive cloud of foul black exhaust.


Incoming rant/ramble, Sorry.
This doesn’t surprise me. I was born and raised and live in Alberta. I work in Oil & Gas (in IT). I consider myself a progressive. I don’t know if it is an act because of where I live, or who I work with and the expectation that anyone in Alberta, and especially O&G, but most people I work with and are friends or are family have openly proclaimed violence, hatred, distrust and malice toward any thing that they see threatens their world view.
Climate change, non-fossil fuel, Lib’rools, NDP, British Columbia, Trudeau, Gretta, vaccines, the Gvtment, the -skins, teh gay. It’s all scary to them. The outlet they know is hatred, violence and doubling down.

I hear people here openly say they would vote Tump in here if they could. We have a federal election Monday. The closet thing we have to Trump is thankfully not a realistic candidate. The second closet to Trump however is a probable win of a minority government. His politics and the politics of his party feed right into the easily steered fear of change of the right.

In Alberta, 90% of the districts constantly and reliably vote Conservative. What this translates to in reality is not attention from Conservative governments but apathy. The Conservative party knows that Albertians will always vote big C, so they don’t need to woo us. The other parties know that Albertans will always vote big C, so they don’t waste effort to woo us.

Alberta has a full on Stockholm for the conservatives. If another party gave us guaranteed employment, health, home, and freedom, Alberta would still vote conservative and think the resulting service cuts and cronyism was what they wanted all along.

Coal-rolling is common.
What gelfin said…

Is also valid here. While most people here aren’t farmers, (whom I respect for the work and what they do) the urbanits identify with a romanticized version of days past. Some people do use trucks here for truck thing, but for most people they are stand-ins for status or virility.

Sort version, as a people we’re stupid. We have a cultural identity that leads us to self-destructive attitudes and behaviours. When we feel our identity is attacked we double down and do even more harm to ourselves and others. We’re not good humans. I’m sorry.


That species is also prevalent in the benighted state (Alabama) where I live. I’ve been hit with the coal rolling before, and the odd thing is that I also am driving a diesel, a 17-year-old pre-Dieselgate Jetta, so they’re making exactly what point?


Maybe that just means a joint venture from BMW and Tesla is foreordained.


Many Albertans believe that Tesla is gonna destroy their oil industry


Here in Finland, the stereotypical asshole car owner doesn’t drive a BMW, but an Audi. There’s a joke about how the Audi logo displays the empathy and emotional intelligence of an Audi driver at three decimals: 0.000


I’m sorry.

Imagine that! A Canadian saying, “I’m sorry.” :wink:


I don’t think that a joint venture is going to be made soon.
BMW is going to roll their line of full electri vehicles.
Actually you can buy some now.


Do you take the licence plate number and report him?

Yeah, I also have nothing against farmers, or contractors for that matter (a toolchest and a door logo often reduce the chances of overt assholery on the road to near the mean), but I do find it funny how we’ve been subtly trained to essentially concern trolley ourselves on this issue in an age when, statistically speaking, practically nobody is a farmer. It’s a little like seeing a man on horseback and genuinely thinking he might be an honest-to-God cowboy. I do it too and I still find it funny.

That you’re from Alberta does make me curious, though: I’ve heard Calgary described as Canada’s Denver, and as someone who already lives in the US’ Denver and can foresee a mounting combination of circumstances possibly leading me not to want to live in the US’ anywhere anymore, I’m wondering what your take on the place is.