How to block 6 Tesla chargers with one truck

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Shitty action by the truck driver but kudos on the guy who posted the photo to try to mitigate the backlash. Internet mobs can be really destructive. Sometimes I really wonder about the cost/benefit of social media.


I will reserve judgment on the company until I know whether or not they immediately fired the individual responsible.


“Tesla family”? What a weird name for a bunch of consumers who really like their vehicles. It further confirms the cult-like nature of Daddy Elon’s fanbois (at least one of whom will inevitably show up in this topic).

That’s not to say that the truck driver wasn’t a raging arsehole. His employer doesn’t deserve to be dogpiled over this, but if it’s smart he’ll be looking for another job in the coming days.


I think this is one of those stories where I don’t like anyone involved?

At least the guy who tweeted the pic asked people to stop being dicks… Good luck with that, I guess?


Are you suggesting that this terminology wouldn’t apply to, say, Jeep owners or corvette owners?


So, people are mobbing and calling for this driver to get fired because in theory somebody might have been inconvenienced, based on a single still photo that shows no circumstances/etc. Very excellent, well done Tesla “family”.


Yeah, whenever somebody puts doxing info out there and then asks people not to harass the business/person in question, I can’t really ever say they are doing it in good faith. It’s 2021. If you put a name out there you know people will fuck with them.


I don’t recall hearing them calling themselves “families”. “Enthusiasts”, “hobbiests”, “collectors”, “owners”, yes. “Club members”, ok. But not “families”, which has an odd cultish vibe to it in the context of consumer products.

Chargers or no chargers, a trucker taking up six parking spots is not a good look.


What circumstance can you think of that would exonerate this parking choice?

ETA: In double-checking the photo to verify that it wasn’t a still shot in the midst of executing a wide turn, or something innocuous like that, I see that the chargers form an L-shape, and the truck is pulled up within a couple of feet of the curb to block the charger on the short leg of the L as well as all the chargers on the long leg of the L. This was no accident or trick of photography.


None, but doxxing isn’t a great look either.


doing it exceedingly briefly (like 1-2 minutes max), and assuming there were literally zero other options. however both stipulations do seem rather unlikely in this case though we have no context other then a single photo.

I could also understand doing it in terms of a medical emergency, but that also seems unlikely.

however I don’t think the employer deserves to be google review bombed so thoroughly, nor the driver fired (as some of the reviews have called for).
Fired seems quite a bit too much here unless they stayed there blocking despite being asked to move or worse until until cops had to be called.
I do think the driver should be reprimanded.


You might be surprised to find that it’s a pretty usual phrasing within the automotive fandoms. No less cultish-sounding though. That level of brand loyalty is something else.





First off, that was NOT with just one truck. There was a trailer involved too.

Rather than brainstorm likely scenarios, context would be good here. But I’ll play the Could Be game for a moment. Could be the parking area was tight for such a combination. Could be the driver got themselves into a bad situation and really had to pee. Could be they were gone for only a minute. Could be a lot of things. AFAIK, there’s no context, so it’s truly unfortunate that the operators of the rolling ipads that are teslas had to become immediately vicious.
(ETA clarity)


Only if deserved. As you said, context.

I stand corrected. I guess I’m not familiar with modern car culture. For which I’m now even more thankful.

If we’re going to accept this term, I must say that the Tesla “family” seems particularly abusive and dysfunctional (though the BMW “family” likely gives them a run for their money).


What a dick.

(Apply statement to all applicable persons.)


People riding electric vehicles become angry if someone parks like an asshole and make their vehicle to stop. See video.


yeah - by reprimanded, I mean something like: “hey employee, please don’t ever do that again. the publicity sucks so find a better spot to park next time you need to pee, or whatever the cause” and maybe a public acknowledgment of the issue via a post on the companies website saying “we’ve spoken to the employee and it will not happen again”

not reprimanded as in a written warning or suspension


It’s a modern fandom thing in general, though the companies are happy to cultivate the family feelings for their own profit.