Tesla fires its Supercharger division

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Austin is replete with Teslas…


Musk recently decided to slash the workforce at the company, where sales are slowing and competition is toughening as electronic vehicles go mainstream.

Brilliant plan to slash the one part of the company that is guaranteed to continue making money even if people buy his competitors’ vehicles then. Ass.


In other news Toyota hires a new division of people.


Ah yes, we have one part of the company that has been kicking ass. Let’s axe it. Brilliant leadership here.


Toyota are still obsessed with hydrogen fuel cells.


Just yesterday the town one over from me had a big press release that they are breaking ground this week on a “50,000-square-foot Tesla sales, service and delivery dealership” in a place where an abandoned Saturn (yeah, nostalgia, right?) and used car dealers have sat vacant for about 15 years. I remember reading it and going “oooh, hope that goes well”.

Narrator: It did not go well


I understand he cut the entire division responsible for building out more chargers, up to the VP.
This strikes a major blow to planned infrastructure for EVs. Thanks, asshole.


It just boggles the mind that the board is so in bed with Musk that they refuse to dump his ass. He’s the reason Tesla has gone to shit. I for one will never look at a Tesla until Musk is divorced from the company. He didn’t even found the company despite popular beliefs to the contrary - more like a hostile takeover. The guy really has the opposite of the Midas touch at this point…Ketamine and narcissism are a hell of a bad combo.


I was surprised to read in TFA that the Tesla supercharger may become the industry standard. My car charges fast with the other supercharger system…time for me to learn more. I did a trip from LA to Oregon in my EV and it was an interesting experience.


Yes, it just boggles the mind that his brother won’t fire him.


Are there any proposed or predicted timetables for making them the industry standard? And will that force the Tesla Superchargers to accept non-Tesla cars, or will they be able to treat other cars like Canon treats a non-Canon ink cartridge?

My (maybe naive) understanding was that Tesla doesn’t want the superchargers to be used on other cars. That they don’t particularly make money from actually charging, but rather that it’s the biggest argument to buy a Tesla vs any other electric car. Correct me if I’m wrong on that.

Anyway, if this is going to happen soon I’ll be happy, because I’ve been wanting to buy my first EV for a while, but I don’t want Tesla, but I’m scared of only finding slow charging stations.


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I was thinking that the long term strategy for Tesla was become more an energy distribution and storage company than a car maker company.

Now companies that are selling electric energy are willing to sell more electricity so they’re putting charging stations, companies that are selling hydrocarbons are seeing the writing on the wall and are trying to enter in the market of charging stations because they know that fuel pumps will be less and less.

In Italy electricity corporation Enel and fuel corporation Eni have a collaboration to put charging stations in gas stations, like in the photo below.


That… is astounding levels of stupidity. That’s like Gillette shutting down the razor blade factory, but keeping the factory that makes the handles*.

But one of the many reasons why they are on my ‘do not buy’ list.

( * It’s not a perfect analogy…)


Edison’s still too small, TBH; Shoestring budget and whatnot. But your heart’s in the right place.

He also laid off the head of new products, Daniel Ho, who had previously overseen development of the Models S, 3, and Y.

Getting rid of the person running replacements for an increasingly elderly line of products just as competition heats up is some top-level 5D chess and worthy of a multibillion dollar pay day.


This is why his Twittering of this division is so egregious. I just did a roadie from Denver to Las Vegas and back in an EV. Tesla was given the keys to the kingdom and their model was to be the standard. Now, wtf? Who’s going to maintain the existing network and chargers? Having to plan routes and stops and meals around charging is as inconvenient as an EV is responsible. Less incentive exists for people to buy one. Again, thanks, asshole.