Tesla is on the way to becoming the MyPillow of cars

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One of the most damning takes I’ve heard on this was “driving a Tesla has become the equivalent of wearing a $40,000 MAGA hat.”


That’s clearly not accurate. The very cheapest model 3’s currently available are $46,990. once you add in sales tax and registration it’s at least a $52,000 MAGA hat.


Alec from Technology Connections summed it up quite neatly:

Text of screenshot

Definitely completely unrelatedly, y’all know I’ve had my problems with Tesla but I do just want to say I feel deeply sorry for those of you bought one for all the right reasons but now have to deal with the increasingly heavy That-Guy baggage.


Even pre-Twitter buy out i had a pretty negative impression of Tesla. They’re fairly hostile to 3rd party repairs and mods to their cars, the “self-driving” feature of the car is a minefield of nonsense, not thrilled about how surveillance heavy the car is nor how they like to hold back features already built into the car unless you pay (granted Tesla isn’t the only one doing this but its BS), lack of physical controls in the car is a big demerit and i’ve read articles of people almost getting into serious accidents because of the OS of the car freezing and not being able to control parts of the car. And there’s loads of complaints about shitty conditions from people who work for Tesla. There’s probably more criticism that can be levied at the company, all in all i just have no desire to want to spend my money on their cars.



Yep, gotta agree. I am one of those people who bought one for what I thought was for the right reasons. I’ve had mine since 2020 and have had no problems with it. But now I feel all eyes are on me with the anti-musky glare. Oh well.


Alienating progressives when you’re in the business of selling electric cars is like alienating conservatives when you’re in the business of selling guns. Sure, there are some people on the other side of the political spectrum who want what you’re selling too but it’s not where most of the market is.


Yep I divested today after waking up and reading his asinine twitter comments about his pronouns and fauci and then seeing him cavorting around with Dave Chappelle. I will not support someone with my money who likes to threaten and enable threats to my existence.

I bought in early in the pandemic when I first got into investing and wanted to support products I thought were doing good things. I held on too long, telling myself that I could protest vote with my shareholding votes against Musk interests, but in the end, its not worth it. I ended up only making $50 dollars off him, and Im going to donate it to some trans charity


Good idea…


Tough situation. Maybe there are body kits available now that could camouflage it as a completely different type of car?


Does any hope remain that his right-wing-ness could be a net positive, through making it socially acceptable amongst other RWers to buy electric cars and solar roofs?


The advantage they had with early to market is going to evaporate very soon, and I don’t think they will be able to compete with the big dogs as they enter the EV market. If they upped the quality they might survive as a luxury brand.

They just had a reveal with their new truck, but not only are they late delivering preorders, but it looks like the weight it can pull is significantly less than a current 18 wheeler. Might make sense for short haul, smaller trucks, but not for the long haul transport.

In other words, prestige was the main thing Tesla had going for it - and Elon is tanking that.


That’s what I’m hoping - it might wean them off their mega monster trucks that get 3 miles a gallon. Anything to stick it to the libs.


Which is pretty much why 737Max planes were falling out of the sky.


Now I am picturing a gun manufacturer using the slogan, “This machine kills fascists”.


Almost like it’s a bad idea to buy a car made by a technology company, instead of, you know, an automaker.


This is exactly why I’ve been half-joking that Tesla would need to start selling diesels. In fact, I think the joke quotient in that is less than 50% now.


We have four free Level 2 chargers at work. It’s partly advertising (we’re electricians who install chargers) and partly community goodwill(we are a non-profit member-owned cooperative).

Every single day, all of our chargers would get jammed up by four Tesla owners who would sometimes just park there and leave them for days. A couple of weeks ago, we caught all four of them arriving at the same time and leaving in one person’s Porsche Cayenne. Wherever they work, it was far enough away that they can’t even walk to it.

That was the last straw. Members and neighbours with EVs couldn’t even use the spots. We put up signs that said Active Charging Only, 2 Hour Max and they all disappeared. Good riddance. Selfish jerks.


Yeah, it’s unfortunate that something as expensive as an entire car has fallen into the “Now the fascists have claimed this thing I used to like as a tribal identifier” pit.