New York cop had tow truck driver arrested for legally repossessing his car

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Just keep repeating to yourself, citizen: It’s just one bad apple (and his friends), it’s just one bad apple (and his friends)…


Have you seen the price of donuts lately? If you had, you’d understand the detective better.



ACAB but also TTDANGA (Tow Truck Drivers Are Not Great Also.)

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Not all cops are bad, but the bad ones are really unremittingly awful.


How about you save that jazz for a story about a tow truck driver who actually did something wrong.


This happened almost a year ago. What happened to the officers who harassed and assaulted the tow truck driver, tampered with evidence, falsified evidence, and even tried to bribe the tow truck officer. Also, were are his fellow “officers” who are accessories to a crime?

Anyone else find it interesting that he was behind on payments by three months but had the cash on hand immediately?

Also, what’s the deal with the “placard”. Is that the official “i am above the law” emblem?


The ones who are silent in the face of the unremittingly awful cops are also bad, and are also part of the problem. Where is the chorus of not-bad cops calling for this guy to spend at least as much time in jail as the maximum for all the false charges he fabricated? I’ll wait while you go find some.


The old saw, which few remember at this point, rather specifically states that “one bad apple spoils the barrel.”


I’ve been binge watching The Sopranos lately (I’d never seen it, believe it or not), and in the show the police are basically a gang to themselves. Some of them have no problem cooperating with organized crime, it just depends on which side benefits them more. A nice payoff and a slim chance of getting caught, no problem letting Tony’s crew slide, but a crime family will get thrown under the bus if the Feds are bringing heat.

Police are a necessary part of a civilized society, but we need to end the blue wall of silence, those “thin blue line” stickers should be the first thing to go. Maybe someone start printing them by the millions and handing them out free to everyone.


You pay for those? I thought the police benefactor groups did hand them out for free as a counter protest to Black Lives Matter. I see them at public gatherings often but never bothered to stop in as I’d be dead before I put one of the on my car.


Reminds me of a guy I was told of who joined the Hong Kong Police “Because of the wonderful opportunities”.

At the moment, the police appear to be pretty far from the civilized end of society.

It dawns on me more and more that a truly civilised society has no need for cops, and the existence of cops - representatives of a hierarchical system, and being authorised to use violence - are in fact an impediment to real democracy, and to a civilized society of equivalent citizens.

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Those pre-date BLM by at least a decade. The original idea was a “wink wink, dont ticket me” thing, I believe (or at least, it ends up having that effect.) I don’t know whether they are free or not. There are “law enforcement supply stores” that only cater to cops, you can’t even enter the store unless you can show you are in law enforcement.

That may be true, but a society like that is a long long way off. I’m not even sure how we get there from here. For the time being we need them, we just need better oversight.


Ironically, the tow truck company donates to the Blue Lives Matter movement.

Ironically, I was about to feel sympathy for this driver.


What is it, if you are silent in the face of injustice then you are complicit in injustice?

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I wonder how many apples. Does a bad cop undo the benefits created by 4 good officers, 8, 12?

It ain’t one.

If you are part of the organization perpetrating it, and are paying dues to a union that is protecting the perpetrators, then yes, 100%.