Kids' TV show starring naked adults garners mixed reviews from kids

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Well, Fox and Friends has their content for the next week NAILED.


back in the 1980s or 1990s (I associate this memory with the place I lived in at the time so can’t pin it down any closer) I used to watch the news on the local French language TV station. That’s about all I watched on that station, because have you ever seen any “Canal 5” programming ? It was a Canadian station, but a lot of content was from Canal 5. Anyway, right after the news, 6:30 in the evening, they aired a sex education video aimed I think at pre-teens. The show began with video of probably 12-13 year old boys and girls in the shower with full frontal nudity. I didn’t stick around long enough to find out if it was produced in Quebec or France but the voiceover sounded Quebec. Anyway, I made plans to buy a new TV and waited for the outrage to come the next day. None came. Don’t know if that was because I was the only one in Edmonton watching the station or it was a usual offering.


as someone who was 10-12 years old in an era with the internet, let me tell you, they’ll be finding naked adult bodies whether you put them on tv or not. providing context and unashamed information about the human body is so important for the healthy development of children into adults.


adults who get butt naked and answer questions from kids aged 10 to 12.

So pre-puberty, good call that one.


Understand it. Don’t want it.
There were no naked people teaching me about the birds and bees.
I must be getting old.


Good. Let kids ask questions and normalize all kinds of bodies. No matter what, all kids will be asking “is this normal?” questions. Better than they get real answers from real people with real bodies instead of from porn.

As an adult, I appreciate shows like “Naked Attraction” Yes, there is some lascivious fun, but there is also a whole lot of acceptance of different bodies and sexualities.


mixed reviews from kids

No subtitles? I can’t tell what they’re saying. :man_shrugging:


You can do auto translate in the settings of the video. The subtitles in English were a bit weird and at times nonsensical, but it gives a good gist of what’s being said.


It seems that Americans have a very difficult time separating the concepts of being naked and being sexually aroused.

Teaching about puberty is teaching about the changes that happen in bodies. Shapes, voices, a lot changes.

I have been educating my pre-pubescent daughter about body changes and answering questions for some time now. She has zero interest in the sexual part of development at this moment, but she’s very interested in the concept of her body changing.

Although she’ll probably get her first period two years from now, she’ll know what to do. It’s not like the 50s when my mom thought she was gonna die because her mother didn’t have “the talk” with her because it was taboo.

Teaching about the human body is not the same as teaching pornography, you know?


I’m mostly curious about what kinds of questions the kids ended up asking.


Likely because of Puritans? I believe they’re the religion that condemns all nudity outside of sex.


Wait wait wait

You wanna promote body positivity but then you say this kinda shit (emphasis added):

Edson da Graça said. ‘The aim is to teach children that each and every body is different and that not all bodies are perfect’, he told broadcaster NOS

Big ol’ swing and a miss there. Implicitly promoting the idea that there is a singular ideal is at the root of toxic body marketing. If you want to help kids avoid internalizing that messaging, maybe it’s a bad idea to perpetuate it in defense of your mission, eh?


ha ha I thought it said “Kids’ TV show starring naked adult gamers”


Nothing wrong with being reminded, when you are feeling strong and bulletproof, that everybody started off shiny and new and this is what you can expect to happen.



Imagine what would happen if this show with nude adults was on here in the USA, much less the previously mentioned sex ed tv show with frontal nudity of kids (for kids).

I’m imagining uber religious and Qanon types invading tv stations and slaughtering people there en masse (because you know they found the satanic pedophiles…)


I was expecting this to rhyme all the way until the end.

If we’re talking about that Canadian show being on American TV, I’m pretty sure that before storming the TV station the Q folk would re-watch the show several times. You know, just to be sure they had all the details straight in their complaint.


The whole Judaeo-Christian ethos starts in Genesis where as soon as Adam and Eve get any self-awareness they are ashamed of being naked. Not a fan of the Puritans, but this hangup about nudity started way earlier.


And many pearls were clutched* and there was much murmuring in the house!

I might watch it out of interest but (heh) really? They are human bodies people, we all have one (Insert obligatory My Cellar joke) and they all have weird dangly and smelly bits. Get over it. Teaching kids how to get over it is part of the lesson.

I think this is Dutch sex education at it best**. It is not really about the body or even sex, it is about teaching how to talk about these things and how to handle our reactions to them. Yes, some kids will get giggly***, and some other kids are well advised to wear loose clothing but actually dealing with these reactions is part of the lesson!

Unlike what some think lessons like this do NOT awake sexual feelings in themselves! That is a hormonal process that runs on preset biological clocks and will happen when it happens unless you do some drastic with a kitchen knife.

I can get why some parents react so strongly though, this is a part of your child development and education where it is actually best of you to get out and stay out. That can be a sad moment but what else, you want them to enter a convent or something?

(*Of course as all students of the bible know the human body must be evil because it was made after the image of…wait, let me look this up…)

(**See: Teenage Pregnancy statistics, I’ll wait.)

(***Adults of course do not. This is why standup comedians are advised never to tell a saucy joke to get a slow room going, won’t work!)