Chelsea Handler: Instagram's sexist nipple policy



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I’d be okay with a blanket (consistent) nipple ban policy.


But only if we could convince Putin to wear pasties.


An entertainer who exploits sexuality for ratings is going to make a statement about topless women being sexualized? A fun “chicken or the egg” scenario going on here. (I realize she didnt take her statement that deeply, but imo that is the base of the issue)

I love this topic. Question… why is it a negative that some cultures sexualize breasts?


Why are sexualized things negative?


I, for one, think there are too few pictures of nipples on the internet.


They both have very fine pairs of nipples and I fully support posting them on every site on the internet.

It’s the stuff between the ears I have problems with.


Good lord man, have you SEEN the internet?

Do you feel there’s not enough water in oceans?


Not lately. I’ve been working hard on my plan to make the internet small enough so that we can drown it in a bathtub.


why are sexualized women in media and video games negative?


There’s a big difference between a gun and violence loving society viewing anything sexual as harmful and the systemic harm caused by treating women almost exclusively as a sexual object and/or victim in the video game industry… If you can’t see that, we haven’t enough common ground for discussion.


I can’t help but be amused by that comment shown under the pic. :smile:


The Internet told me we are running out of water.




Also facebook… though they never explicitly state whatever their policy is, it does seem to be accepting of only 50% of nipples.


Ok, I agree with your perspective, but I don’t think the difference is as 100% clear as you think it is. That’s exactly why this is an issue - where exactly do we draw the lines on sexuality in mainstream media? The norms of American society seem to say “women’s boobs = too sexual; a man’s boobs = less sexual.” Is this view sexist? In a strict sense, yes, but it also seems to be aligned with reality. In fact, I think this is the same ideology which fuels the sentiment that video games and media images featuring a woman with prominently displayed, disproportionally sized sized breasts “objectifies” them. Because again, “women’s boobs = too sexual”.

I had a sneaking suspicion that by “sexualized things” you really only meant certain kinds of sexualized things, and correct me if I’m wrong, but you seemed to confirm that.


Ah, a fellow tit-watcher I see.


As long as it’s a soft blanket with a high thread count. Wool blankets make mine chafe.


Oh my god! We might see something that 100% of the population has! (barring injury/etc)