Genderless Nipples account frustrates Instagram


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Moby Dick's Restaurant lease blocked due in part to its "offensive name"


do i win?


You win a job at Instagram, sorting nipples.


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You win a job at Instagram, sorting nipples.

awesome - i can do that with my eyes closed :wink:


Safety first.


Or to put it another way, no, you lose.

Only female nipples are rude
Therefore nipples are only rude if they can be used to feed babies.
Therefore it is feeding babies that makes something rude.
Conclusion: babies are rude and must not be shown on US social media websites in any food-related context.


How did you figure 4 & 5? Plus will the job have ptsd counselling?


dunno, just had a feeling about it


Well, thanks for putting me off nipples BB.



It’s nice to find someone dedicated, a lot of people would just give lip service to it.


They’re all hot.


If ever there were a case for a massive, Manhattan-project-style push for machine learning, this would be it.

With about 14 billion nipples in the world, this is big, big data…


So, how is Instagram handling the trans-nipple problem?


Caaaaaaaaaaaaalllll the Pooooooooolice!

Edit - Had to go out and watch it so here is the link for your edification and amusement


But they are so tender and tasty. There goes my YouTube series for the cannibal segment.


And in a related database would be about 7 billion assholes.


Maybe like the Donahue show did years ago? There was a cis guy who got breast implants, supposedly on a bet. When he showed them on the Donahue show, they blurred them out, even though they were male nipples on a genetically male guy who identifies as male.

So, I’m guessing, if there is any aspect of femaleness to the nipples, Instagram will censor. If they can figure it out.


I tried to figure out the genders but I suck at it.