Tumblr bans all adult content, such as "female-presenting nipples"


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Nice knowing ya Tumbler. Fare thee well.


My after-dark account’s dashboard is nothing but departure notices this morning.


Holy fuck. Well, that’s going to kill Tumblr dead.


Oh, was there adult-themed material on tumblr? /s

ETA I wonder if the way the phrased the policy, “female presenting nipples” has anything to do with this case:


That’s highly irritating, albeit a surprisingly long time coming. I guess I’ll just have to look at the more exploitative, impersonal, porny porn on pornhub instead.




Whatever else might be said about Tumblr, is it not true that there’s a tremendous quantity of unambiguous pornography?


There goes the only reason I look at Reddit. /s


I didn’t know Verizon owned it now. This definitely makes sense now. Verizon is so evil and crap. They’ll be a new platform like tumblr soon. There’s too many genius creators on there to just roll over and take it.


So, male nipples are still okay?


That makes me sad. There were Tumblrs of porn curated by women to women and the difference it made was huge. The female gaze matters.

For illustration and anatomy studies access to naked bodies of average people helps developing a balanced knowledge of how to draw people.

For every bit of content that you could find at Redtube there were 10 that would never be featured in such sites. Especially the LGBT+ content. A lot of queer kids will lose a somewhat safe space to navigate their sexuality, but who cares about them?


Of course they are. The problem has always been women, don’t you know. /s

What really blows my mind is that Tumblr has managed to find the most trans-inclusive way of being sexist in the phrase “female-presenting nipples”.


How about male transgender nipples? Female nipples on petite female breasts are less or more problematic than moobs?


Does nobody at Verizon understand that this will kill or severely devalue their property? Prudish fools, this is no way to run a business.


My favorite example of silly nipple censorship is this New Yorker cartoon, which was pulled from Facebook because one pair of dots was deemed obscene.


How about if we photoshop male nipples onto a woman’s breasts?


Oho, it gets even better:
Appearantly Furries are blacklisted too now.
Several tags have been set to private, so that they don´t appear in the search anymore.
female furry
furry male
furry female

Unnaffected by the blacklisting ( so far) are the following:
anthro art
clean furry
cute furry
furry art
furry oc
furry sfw
furry fandom
fursona art
male furry
sfw furry
safe fur work

This list may not be complete, but I repost this for fellow Furs with an acout there.
Also, does anybody know an alternative to tumblr?


Can nipples “present,” though? Do they have a gender identity seperate from the haver of the nipples?

(Today in Previously Unsaid Sentences in human History.)


My nipples present when I’m chilly.