The Death of Tumblr


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Everyone knows ice cream is a gateway drug. /s

Truthfully though, I’m surprised it took Verizon and Apple to finally kill the platform. I’d thought Yahoo! more that equal to the task.

Also, I miss MySpace being relevant. Musicians seem less interested in toppling democracy.


Censorship, what are you gonna do … But if you are a well established photographer as the guy that wrote this, wouldn’t you just have your own archival site that you could link to without any hassle? Corporate site flagging nipples… Yeah sounds about right. :neutral_face:


I have a ton of wrongly flagged images. I don’t think they like the color orange.


Amazing. I wish they’d just do a user lottery, and give Tumbr to some random user.

I think it’d last longer.


I mean I have a website that has a billion photos on it, but I used Tumblr in a different way posting more personal/fine art stuff. It’s just a different way of showing my work that I worked on for a better part of a decade and now it’s gone. It’s not the end of the world, but it sucks. FOSTA SESTA is an incredibly stupid law and it’s going to continue to change the internet in terrible ways.


perhaps it’s the circular shapes in the each of those photos? Maybe they have the ol’ butthole/areola sensor turned up too high


Maybe :blush:


For me the problem with tumblr is that it has a child porn problem, but rather than sort that, they are just banning all porn, when are we going to get a huge EU tech company something out of France where sex is not a dirty word! Instead of it being ok to show guns and violence, which tumblr wont have problem with being American, we need some more EU based company’s with the European way of looking at things, thou they are problem in German or chech and there for locked behind the language gate…


Dammit, I’ve just realised; the Internet K Hole is gonna be squished by this.


There is more going on here than avoiding liabilities. Nobody in their right mind slaughters a cash cow - even a naked one with full frontal udders.


You may be in error about French laws. Building a site facilitating contacts with sex workers will send you 10 years in jail under French laws.


But did Tumblr turn in any profit? Honest question.

Edit: in the meantime I searched for investor info and it seems that tumblr was not making much money.



We Europeans didn’t manage to come up with a huge EU tech company to compete with the American giants. And now we’re talking about upload filters and link taxes, so it’s not getting easier.


There will be other platforms.


What are the alternatives to Tumblr? I was there because of the community, and with no community there is no reason to stay there any more.

That’s what we need to know now. I have a ton of drawings to migrate (mostly SFW) and dozens of artists to check befores the Tumblrgeddon.


Image hosting is becoming so contentious, that it might be better to separate the community from the hosting system. That way the community is not threatened.


Are they going to delete the Tumblrs which contains nudity or just the posts of said nudity?
Asking… for a friend…


Well the EU is having stupid idea fest atm, unfortunately brexit madness has infected the EU, so there’s no one with any Energy to fight this sort of crap, but i imagine after brexit when people have the Energy to sort it again.


Yes. By which I mean, nobody knows what the hell Tumblr’s going to do, or how badly they will bungle what they eventually do. (Because they will bungle it, the question is just how.)