Tumblr bans all adult content, such as "female-presenting nipples"


Female presenting nipples. Banned.


Maybe I’m ignorant here, but despite what the founding intentions were and despite what it tries to sell itself as, I thought that people with niche sexual fetishes curating porn for others who share their fetish was, like, 95% of what Tumblr is, nowadays?

This is like if Livejournal sold to Sprint mobile, then started banning anything in Russian.


I recall seeing, years ago, an American document film about gender reassignment surgery (probably not called that at the time but whatever). There was a brief section showing the actual breast implant surgery, where the until-then uncensored nipples got pixelated as soon as the implant was slipped in place, changing things from a male-looking chest to a female-looking one.


Just miss spell the word regarding the porn you’re looking for, and Voilà! porn city…

Good hunting mutants!


That’s exactly how to shop for “personal toys of an intimate nature” on Amazon.
So my friend says.


It tolls for thee, Tumblr.


This exept Livejournal is russian owned.


Your friend and my friend should meet.


Yeah, lots of friends who post strictly SFW furry/anthro art have been hit with the ban-hammer, and despite multiple requests, have not been reinstated.


I have an ex-tutor who runs an art group, mainly art news items, on Facebook, she regularly gets sanctioned for posting art that features nudity, not because she is doing anything NSFW but because of the Nipple Police.
I suspect tumblr would have been a better place, but perhaps not any more.

(I know Facbook is shit; it’s not my group :smirk: )


I’m sure they’d have a great time, but what would we do?


Goddamn it. Stupid fucking puritan culture.


Let me ponder on that.


Sorry to hear that. I heard the same too of some other people. I thimk this upcoming purge is for myn people the last straw. I hesitate using twitter, but I still have my Deviantart and Furaffinity galleries. Oh well, lets se when a NSFW tumblr alternative pops up. I´ll be there.


I wonder who they are protecting from these naughty naughty nipples? Because my son was exposed to adult female nipples all the time when he was too young to walk! It’s a wonder he isn’t catatonic!

I wonder if he could sue his mother?


Which is why I said “sold to Sprint Mobile.”
LJ got sold to a Russian company. It started out as an American start-up.


Someone on Mastodon helpfully pointed out that December 17th is also International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

Because of course it is.


Maybe content providers will just have to get more abstract with their pornographic material?


This is incredibly stupid. They were apparently fine with all the toxic communities to be found on their platform, but they’re throwing a fit that people might be posting partially naked people on the internet.


Wow, all I see on tumblr right now are a bunch of incredibly hurt and frustrated women.

This is almost entirely due to Apple, who is so sex-adverse that they banned even the most basic of “sex” apps like the Literotica app, which just had user-generated stories. Apple exists in a world where people don’t have sex, the next generation of consumers are spontaneously generated.