Tumblr bans all adult content, such as "female-presenting nipples"

  • Female: Check
  • Nipples: Check


  • Furry: Check.


For shame, why is that foxy thing so anxious to “present” her nipples like that!


I find it very weird that so many people are blaming this only on Apple, given that Tumblr is owned by Yahoo/Verizon – neither company known for being either competent or tolerant about content management – and that the initial incompetent ‘scrub’ of porn sites came from Tumblr’s crappy over-compensating bots looking for the child pornography that users had been flagging and they’d been ignoring for years. All Apple did was remove the Tumblr app when users let them know that Tumblr seemingly didn’t care about regulating child porn on their site.


I would be willing to bet that Apple made a “porn scrub” conditional for tumblr to be re-admitted to the app store.

Here is what we know:

  1. Apple has a zero-tolerance policy towards porn
  2. Tumblr is porn heavy
  3. Tumblr had some bad stuff, which was the technical reason for removal from the app store

I am fairly confident that Apple would take the same heavy-handed approach with ANY content platform IF they thought that they could reduce the amount of porn on their phones/tablets. They would probably try to lean on reddit if they thought they could get away with it.


I’d say there’s an infinite amount of porn available through their Safari web browser – equipped with private browsing features and the best security out there – than via a single image-sharing app. Not to mention Twitter, Telegram, et al. I wouldn’t take the (temporary, most likely) removal of an app notorious for child porn as an indication that Apple’s waging a war on naughtiness.


People make algorithms to reblog porn to earn advertisement bucks, they run so rampant that an algorithm at Apple flagged the Tumblr app as pornography so Tumblr uses an algorithm to remove pornbot blogs inadvertently deleting actual blogs causing their users to get upset and Tumblr’s solution is to just run their platform into the ground.


I am not saying that there isn’t more porn on the internet.
I am saying that Apple is not happy about porn on the internet and is explicitly “anti-adult” content.

They have explicitly banned several apps which attempt to monetize adult content in a safe way. Apple wants to have absolutely ZERO adult content on the app store. They frequently ban video/picture apps because they have naked pictures.
They don’t relegate adult apps to a “red-light” district. They could easily do that and make sure kids don’t download them. Instead, they simply ban any app that is pornographic IF they think they can get away with it.


LOL - wut? I though literally half of Tumbrl was porn now?




As long as they aren’t female presenting…




But are they female presenting?



That certainly seems like females presenting his nipples… not that I should assume their gender of course…




Not female presenting!


So… wait… are they removing the actual smut content (and the blogs dedicated to it), or are the making it so dirty blogs don’t show up in searches? Because that wouldn’t be a very big deal; people mainly discover Tumblr content through following and reposting, not by searching for “big boobs car wash”. In fact, didn’t they already do something along those lines, which everyone said was the apocalypse until it clearly wasn’t?

Either way, it’s kina gross that their CEO glibly says “There are [sic] no shortage of sites on the internet that feature adult content” when, for a lot of the people sharing “porn” on Tumblr, yes, there is in fact exactly such a shortage, which is why they’ve been making money for you all this time.


So… search for “deldos”? “Bilbos”?