Tumblr bans all adult content, such as "female-presenting nipples"


No, sweetie, searching for Bilbos gets you a ring.


If you’re all on Twitter, you should check out how many SFW artists are getting their content flagged it’s ridiculous. And I speak as someone who just follows adult artists on Tumblr that this is absolutely silly. Like, okay I’ll go find another site to see what my favorite lewd artist has drawn but if you’re gonna do this don’t make a cheap scripted bot flag everything just because. Do actual proper content moderation and handle it accordingly. But since Verizon wants a family friendly site they’ll just smack everyone with a ban hammer if their color palette contains flesh tones.


The most charitable interpretation of their announcement is that older posts will be hidden, and anything posted after the 17th will be deleted.

I’m not terribly inclined to give them that much benefit of the doubt, though. Especially given the rash of completely bogus flags being thrown at non-porn content, while others are reporting that stuff they’ve specifically tagged as nsfw isn’t being flagged at all. I look forward to not only the mass backlash leading up to the 17th, but the “hilarity” that will ensue when they inevitably keep hitting random accounts with bogus flags, since I’m sure that’ll go over well with people who figure they’re “safe” from this. Tumblr is going to crash and burn at the hands of their own shitty content moderation algorithm.


No boobies on Tumblr, but Nazis / Racists / Bigots / Gun Nuts, etc. are okay apparently.


And there was I thinking they were all tits.


My nipples explode with delight!


And my hovercraft is full of eels.


Some rings fit the bill, that’s all I’m saying.



I wonder if this is more FOSTA than Apple


^that link will show everyone in full how damn stupid the new tumblr filter is


Also stupid


not safe for work


I only went to tumbler for the articles


Still bullshit anyway. Who are they to decide who presents as male or female or neither? It’s just corporate PR lawyer speak for covering their own asses.


Tumblr started making it impossible to search for porn shortly after the Yahoo buyout. Not long after you were forced to explicitly mark your blog as 18+ if it was NSFW which prevented people who weren’t logged in from seeing it. The general consensus on this announcement is that it’s flat out “if your blog is NSFW it and all its content will be deleted.”


I guess that’s it for LiarTownUSA?





That depends on what kind of mood the AI filter is in. I’m seeing a few male chests getting flagged, as well as scantily-clad women (in bikinis, often) showing not a trace of illicit pinkness.