Tumblr bans all adult content, such as "female-presenting nipples"


Tumblr disabled the search function on NSFW blogs a week or so ago so that users couldn’t even search their own blogs anymore. Tumblr did not announce the change, nor provide any explanation after the fact.


I run a blog where I make wallpapers for computers from comic books and this keeps happening.


This just in: Jesus Christ is female. Or at least their nipples are:


( ︶︿︶)


I don’t think it goes on your bill. I get marvelous results searching for a French pickler, though.


The most galling thing, honestly, is that in order to have any idea whether any of your posts have been flagged, you have to manually go back through your entire post history to find them. There’s no centralized place in the control panel where you can review things that have been flagged, and there’s no way of knowing whether The Algorithm is done, or if you’ll need to keep going back through your entire post history periodically to dispute the fact that Tumblr thinks your photo of a pumpkin is sexually explicit.

A lot of people I follow have just been going “fine, fuck it. Whatever gets delete is gone, follow me on dA or Weasyl, peace out”.


Supposedly they’ll email you, but I just found another post that was flagged and I never got an email about it.


That picture of those firemen is Tumblr’s last money shot.






I wonder what happens if you put a filter on to take away the flesh tones? It’d be easy to test, 2 nipple pics - 1 pink & 1 blue. Maybe also try it with a flagged sfw pic?


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