Instagram reactivates The Nude Blogger's account


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Man,the way she posts artsy fartsy nude pictures of herself for attention is so revolutionary. I’m surprised no one ever thought to put this kind of stuff on the internet before she did.


I can just tell you’re being sarcastic, aren’t you? That’s pretty clever too!


I’m trying to START A DAMN REVOLUTION by being the first person to be sarcastic on the internet. There’s gotta be a way to monetize that, right?


Too many smart asses are willing to work just for exposure.


how does a hot woman getting naked and doing yoga do anything for body positivity? setting impossible standards and implicitly body shaming more like.
and whoever told her there was non-sexual nudity was lying. and probably masturbating.


So, she posts nudes (which I really have nothing against one way or the other) that she knows are against IG policy, then gets all pissed off when the shut her down. Then, after IG decides to allow it anyway, she tells IG f*ck you. So you got your way and you still bash the people that owed you nothing by either allowing or not allowing you to use THEIR service. Wow, classy broad (insert rolling of eyes here).


If you do it right, it’s not ‘work’; it’s just pure talent



“Revolutionary?” … cartwheels? revolving? …

I see what you did there. :wink:


Are distant ass cracks against IG policy? Not from what I’ve seen.


I fully support nudity – the world needs lots and lots of it* – but this must be the biggest non-story on BB for a few weeks.

Agreed, Instagram handled this poorly, vis a vis communications, but… yawn. The fact that Instagram has a non nudity policy seems like a “big whoop” to me, as does someone’s attempts to… do something… by posting naked pictures on the internet.

(*) Especially attractive members of the gender you’re attracted to.


Hmm. Apparently life is difficult when you’re attractive, slender and white.

  1. Can she not read the terms of service?
  2. This is what happens when moral acceptability is defined by a business.



Care to elaborate on the point you’re making here?


Everything is negotiable?


Sure. My point is that there are plenty of people who have it much worse than her, so I have a tough time seeing her as a victim of any sort of wrongdoing.


What a beacon of empathy and understanding you are.


Does “body positivity” mean something different from “it’s nice to look at attractive people when they’re naked”?

There’s hardly a shortage of images of attractive (as conventionally or typically understood) naked people. Which says nothing about Instagram’s policies. Just… I guess I don’t get it.


Where is she doing these pics? Is it private areas? I tried this once and the Sheriff says I can’t go to that beach any more…


The blogger and instagram sound like a couple of boobs. We need something to uplift them both, and separate them. Really, both need our full support. Or neither if it’s not your thing.