Don’t be like the #PlaneBae people

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Honestly idgaf, i just avoid nonsense like this to begin with. Don’t like people doing this shit? Don’t give them your attention.


They’re harassing people, and we’re not the one’s giving them attention. Because the internet can put them in touch with an endless peanut gallery of fellow low-lifes, they think their antisocial behavior is accepted. The trolls are spilling into meatspace and they’ll continue to do so unless there’s material consequences for their harassment.


This is not legal in Europe (and has not been legal in Germany for quite some time) due to the GDPR. And really - it should not be


From what i’ve seen these days talking about it, even negatively, ends up driving enough traffic their way to make it worth their time. See Logan Paul, after his scandal a few months later and his audience has grown even further. They want the attention and i’m not about to give it to them.


Did anyone predict that big brother would actually be thousands of anonymous psychopaths looking to boost their Clout™ score?


I agree. The problem is that before social media, people like this were limited to the crowd in their physical area or circle. Even if a few fellow sociopaths would be wiling to support their harassment, those few would follow the social contract because they knew the rest of the people around them would condemn the sociopathic behavior. Now the harassers can self-select for endless supporters across the world and to them this confederacy of trolls feels like validation.


Are we still calling everything “viral?” Isn’t that kind of old-fashioned?

It could kill all the street photography fad.

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fucking ancient in fact


I think they didn’t create a trendy term for it yet.


Seriously. When I saw this I immediately wanted to smack these people.

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Sadly, the best way to protect against this would probably to file a DMCA takedown for the copyright on your life story (well, you might want to turn your life into an LLC first…)


Think for a moment, if you’re ever tempted to do the sort of thing in the OP, or even pass that kind of story along. Instead of seeing a story, or a joke, try looking at the real person. If they aren’t hurting anyone, leave them be… Just let them exist. If they are hurting someone, focus only on that behaviour. Don’t shame their body size or shape, or their cleanliness… Call them out over the harm they do others, not their mere existence.

But most of all, just think before you do anything. Have a little empathy.


That way, you’ll have an entire political party trying to cut your taxes!


Saw the post on IMGUR and it was super cringy, but somehow it had been upvoted to the front page.

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So, it is not cool to take pictures of random strangers in the streets. If you want to do it, just ask first. If you get the permission, don’t put it in your favorite your social media, specially if you are a babaca who loves to post stupid comments.

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I don’t even know how to respond to that.


If privacy is your goal there is really no recourse for this sort of thing that wouldn’t make it worse, since any action against the person who took your photo would get your name publicly attached to a previously “anonymous” internet meme.


It seems that often, as soon as someone is even perceived to be getting hurt, empathy goes right out the window and any consideration of context or extenuating circumstances is thrown to the winds.

Worth linking to this again, methinks.