Creator of Reddit's celebrity nude-sharing section upset at invasion of his privacy



Amazing how sensitive bullies are.


He’s posting the stolen pics of nude celebs and its HIS privacy he’s worried about?

Keeping Reddit from being sued to death isn’t '… what is best for the site." '?



Considering /b/ shut that shit down reddit had no hope.


On the one hand: poor baby. His rights were violated? Wrap it up, folks, we found the real victim. /s

On the other hand:

“If they banned my sub on Sunday(or even Monday after we broke the servers) I would be fine with it. But, they made a decision that seems based on what their lawyers say, rather than what is best for the site.”

Really, I somewhat agree with this. They didn’t take it down until they came under intense scrutiny, much the same as how they handled /r/jailbait.

I’m not bothered by taking down either one, because they’re terrible. But to get on the soapbox for a sec, and I’m going to try to do this in a way that doesn’t get me banned, it grinds my gears that there are people who act like violating the rights of upper-class white women is the worst thing ever, and when I’ve brought up (on that site) that there are legit hate groups on Reddit, along with a bunch of really gross, nightmare fuel, possibly illegal stuff on Reddit, it gets pooh-poohed or I get told “it’s possible to be outraged by both.” Well, if people were outraged about Neo-Nazis having a presence on Reddit, they’d be gone too, wouldn’t they?

Please don’t get me wrong; I’m glad someone’s taking them to task for letting the hormonal teenage boys overrun the place, and I think everyone woulod agree that it’s perfectly OK to be outraged over their bizarre defense of posting these stolen pictures. I just wish people would take the modern rise of violent racists as seriously as they’re taking misogyny.


Seems like talk of neonazis is really just a distraction from the discussion at hand. If we stop talking about one thing just because something worse can be found on some forum somewhere, we’ll never make any progress - there is always something worse somewhere. That’s why they call it the Internet.


As a woman who was forced to resign due to “revenge porn” in 2007 before it was even a thing (I’ve told this story before but if anyone is curious, just ask and I’ll tell it again): oh fuck off with your derailing.

The thing is, merely holding and sharing hateful views isn’t necessarily grounds for anything illegal. STEALING AND SHARING WHAT WAS STOLEN IS, THOUGH. I have no idea how you can compare ACTUAL THEFT to holding and sharing views. They aren’t the same things.

But hey, nice derail. It’s always something when we talk about sexism and misogyny, isn’t it? Oh, hey, I know we’re talking about misogyny but let’s derail and talk about something else because it’s “more important” … according to some random guy. How surprising. A dude derails when the subject of misogyny comes up. That never happens!

Most women who have been victims to revenge porn and the like are not rich. Including me.

Also, my favorite part, as a woman who experiences sexism and misogyny every day and who constantly has it hand-waived away (like you’re doing right now!):

I just wish people would take the modern rise of violent racists as seriously as they’re taking misogyny.


Oh so not surprising coming from a guy who doesn’t deal with misogyny directly, while I do - every. fucking. day.


This guy sounds like a massive pile of shit. Look forward to my Tumblr, AMA, and TED Talk on that very subject.

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1.: What marilove said.
2.: Well… it actually fucking is possible to be outraged by both. I hate Nazis. I hate misogynists.

You might as well tell us why we don’t care about starving children in Africa, because that’s the same type of argument.


Well, the greater point, that Reddit allows lots of bullshit until it seems like there’s a PR problem, is still true. There’s probably still subs where this sort of shit is rampant, and the fact that it was a celebrity is probably the only reason it was stopped at all.

The same way they have rules against doxxing, but subs are only removed and bans only handed out when the doxxing happens against someone with pull.


Yes, that’s an important point and something we should talk about, particularly that no one seems to care unless a celebrity is involved – the same goes for when Twitter suddenly cared that trolls were going after Robin Williams’ daughter, but it has been a problem for regular women on Twitter for a long time now.

But some dude whining about how there are “worse things” than misogyny and why oh why aren’t we talking about neo nazis?! while also trying to make the claim that the racism is worse than the misogyny (as if racism and misogyny aren’t often connected…) is not the way to do it.


The irony is that “privacy invading” article actually gives him more privacy (not revealing his identity) than he gives himself (he lets it all “hang out” online, even mentioning his illegal activities). His hypocrisy is… interesting.


There’s ALWAYS someone who must pull out the “but why aren’t we talking about this instead?!” trope, and it’s frustrating as hell.

It also ignores the fact that racism and misogyny are often linked, with a big helping of classism on the side.


Amen sister!


Ignoring the whole objectification = mysogny debate, it is clear that stealing private property and then posting it to the internet is wrong and illegal under several laws (at least in the US)

I have no issues with shutting sites down that host the material - though I wish it was more targeted since discussion about the material is not only lawful, but useful to anyone studying the vulgarities of the internet.

Unless the creator of thefappening actually engaged in illegal behavior (and creating a reddit doesn’t seem like it would count though actively promoting the content might), I have mixed feelings about making his name public, but the mob does what it will.

That said, the damage is done. These photos and videos are out there and the internet makes it hard to forget. Both the male and female celebrities in them will have to deal with the consequences like those who came before them (like Pamala Anderson, Kim Kardashian and even Hull Holgan).

Well, of course, because if this is any example you’ve decided to bring them up in a way that is specifically about overriding concerns over what happens with women.

If you really cared about fighting hate groups on reddit, then for instance you could try creating new topics about them. You might even try cheering these successes against misogynists and asking people to build on them, instead of dismissively implying they’re not that important. I bet you’d get a better response than you do derailing existing threads and trying to make them about anything other than women.

Because people only bringing up other problems when it happens to interfere with talk about women’s issues is something you see a lot, and it pretty quickly becomes clear how rare it’s done out of deep concern about those other problems.


If the Neo-Nazis on Reddit were getting 250,000,000 page views in less than a week while sharing illegal material, I’m guessing we would have a similar-sized outrage. And there would be a lot of outrage even if what they’re doing isn’t illegal (and hate speech by itself isn’t illegal in the US).

I’m not familiar with any sort of new-fangled violent racism. If anything, racism is less prevalent and less violent than it was in the past, outside of some very specific contexts.


I… SHIT. I remember you posting that a few years ago. That was harrowing to read - just so you know, you’re kind of a bad-ass.
(And to GlyphGryph downthread, yeah - I’m assuming that their “rationale” is that a photo, in and of itself, is not “doxxing”, only textual data about the person. Which, yeah, kinda bullshit at the best of times, and toxic waste most of the time.)


This also reminds me of the current gamer & gate saga (and I know that’s not the tag, guys, but using it might end up summoning them like Beetlejuice) : gaming journalism not so great? Meh, whine in comments, maybe. Woman developer had sex with someone who is in the gaming press? PITCHFORKS AND PILLORIES, WE’RE ON THE RAMPAGE.

Women in online gaming community spaces get threats for rape and murder regularly, and abuse online normally, no worries, business as usual. People write articles about this, make token whines that it’s just to be expected online and they should learn to toughen up. People write articles about how gaming culture might be toxic due to the above and that the identity of ‘gamer’ as it stands might be dying as a result, and “WE SHALL FIGHT UNTIL OUR LAST DEATH”.

If you want someone to stand up for something, point out misogyny in something else.

(And yeah, I’ll cop to the fact that this is a dude telling y’all stuff you already know.)