Gym tells woman her breasts 'too large' for tank top

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Oh, Canada. Here I thought you’d managed to ship all your prudes to the US some time ago. The offending tank top is laughably modest compared to what I see women wearing while jogging, out in the public streets, around Ann Arbor.


No one escapes the bucket because the other crabs pull them back down…


I totally didn’t understand… then I saw the side silhouette. Jealousy under cover of being a prude?


Article doesn’t mention the names of the supervisors in question, which would be useful information if their employer were to decide that it doesn’t want these people representing it to the public.

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Awaiting the “obviously the gym was making a joke and she should just laugh along!” posts.


The women on the French Canadian side of my family have this cup size issue. This was in Canada, you say? I predict they’re going to have a problem with more than just one customer. It’s a common body type there.


Seems like a gym should be the last place you should expect body shaming.


Silly you!


They’d [ garment supervisors ] have a busy day at my gym, really busy.


Of course, no animated gif on this article.


Well is it only Toronto or all of Ontario where she could have just been topless? That would have been an awesome response to that bit stupidity.
@Humbabella @FunkDaddy @Missy_Pants?

ETA also how the hell would a long sleeve top make the chest size any less obvious?


Our Lady of Perpetual Fitness Because Think Of The Children Plus Bathrooms And I Can’t Make Things For Your Wedding :neutral_face: :expressionless: :angry: :grimacing:


It should be legal anywhere in Canada, but definitely anywhere in Ontario. And if it isn’t legal in some other province then it would become legal not too long after anyone was charged with it.

Of course a private establishment has a right to have their own dress code. A “no shirt, no shoes, no service” sign is totally within a restaurant’s rights for example. However, you open yourself up to human rights complaints if you have a dress code forces women to cover up but not men. And the human rights tribunals are notoriously favourable towards those making complaints (this might not be true, though, could just be a perception perpetuated by opponents of political-correctness-gone-mad). If I were a lawyer (I’m not, but I have written laws for the province [don’t ask, don’t tell]*) I give the following legal advice, “Holy shit, don’t do stupid shit like that.”

* That is, I don’t ask how/why I have written laws for the Province of Ontario while not being a lawyer, not that I wrote a don’t ask/don’t tell law for the province


She could be topless in public, but on private property they can make her cover up… unless she was feeding a baby, then she could be uncovered.

But yeah, they’ve opened themselves up to a human rights tribunal complaint. And that ALWAYS finds in favour of the complainant. (She didn’t even have any visible cleavage! Seriously that is a magic tank top!)


I would have bet even money this was going to take place in a Planet Fitness.


I was just about to make the opposite point, that women have to put up with sexual harassment at gyms all the time. The only twist here is that it’s from management, not male guests.


Sure, I realize this. That’s why all woman gyms exist. I was referring to body shaming more in the generic and ideal sense (i.e. people are going to the gym to try to better themselves and body shaming has no place).

But, hey, bros are gonna bro I guess (even if the harassers in this case were women as well).

… and I imagine it looked something like this: