Cop bravely attempts to stop mother from breastfeeding her baby

I am not suggesting that contemporary European culture suffers from this problem - far from it. What galls me is that prudishness is always excused as being a necessary conservation of traditional values. Hardly anybody calls attention to the fact that a modern multicultural society would naturally embody many different traditions and values. The US, being a relatively new country, doesn’t IMO have a very distinct cultural identity in this way, compared to thousands of years of culture over much of the world. Many USians tend to be fairly ignorant of both the indigenous as well as European cultures they came from, as well as that of later immigrants, which leaves… ??? Not much, really! But why let that stop them from telling others how to live?


Is there anybody other than babies who is expected to take their meals in the bathroom? How is that even an okay thing to ask for?


I have never seen actual evidence that platypuses (platypii? A puddle of platypus?) actually exist. I suspect they are a goddamn cute but deadly distraction manufactured by our lizard overlords.

There, I said it.


21st century weapons technology combined with 18th century morals.


I feel like this list should be in the thread thread.


Those harlots, feeding their babies and seducing random Christian men.


did cenozoic placentals evolve into baseball players?


Sure. But what I was trying to point out was that those morals were not even close to being universal in the 18th century either. It’s not so much a case of progress when those morals were just as dysfunctional then as they are now. The idea of “social progress” is itself largely a product of European colonialism. People having 18th, 1st, or 25th century morals is perfectly good for whoever subscribes to them. The danger is in assuming or asserting their natural universality for others. There is no morality nor culture which is one-size-fits-all, but of course, dealing in lazy absolutes feels so much easier. This has always been the case, but I think that contemporary “Western” cultures PR claims of being multicultural really throw the disparities into stark relief.


Oh sure, criticize the police officer, but what if she was a terrorist planning to squirt breast milk on public officials? Huh? He might have bravely stopped an act of terrorist milk-leakage.


Won’t somebody think of the children?

Oh wait…


I registered an account just so I could like this response. Brilliant.


You certainly got the prudes from England.
But Europe kept its militarists, you bred those all on your own.

At the moment, though, we look at the increasingly sensible US approach to cannabis, and the NY approach to female nudity (it’s basically an equal rights issue) and hope our own Conservatives pay attention.

There’s more to this story. I’ve been following it. This happened at a meeting regarding updating what kids learn in sex ed class, a class that people can opt out their kids out of. Churches apparently bussed in a bunch of screaming, yelling religious folks. They were yelling at gay kids in the audience telling them they were sinners, one anti-sex ed person choked a pro-sex ed person & this breast feeding mom almost got cited for indecent exposure.


So basically what you’re saying is, prudery started about 160 million years ago? It figures.
[edit - to clarify - “No dear, we’re monotremes, not like those shameless marsupials and mammals. We don’t go showing our bits when we feed our babies.”]

Around here it basically ended around 2000 when pub culture started a rapid die-off and café culture started an equally rapid rise, because cafés with their much more female-friendly environment encourage women to bring babies and the rest follows. Nothing changes social attitudes faster than people starting to break unofficial taboos and the sky not falling in.

I am a little bit concerned at the baseball player being dated 65Mya, but the way that science keeps coming up with new evolutionary timelines is excellent from the point of view of things being interesting. When I was at school it was the general view that mammals amounted to nothing till the Great Dinosaur Die-off. We now have a far more nuanced picture in which the 65Mya event caused a change in populations, with the big dinosaurs going, the small ones and the mammals having a rapid radiation of species, and the big mammals appearing.

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I’m very sad the cop didn’t try to shame her by shouting ‘stolen valor’ at her breasts.

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“National Report is a website which posts fictional articles…” wikipedia

the breastfeeding mother was also assaulted. cops did nothing. there were skirmishes. no one was arrested. cops tried to discourage the victims from filing charges saying that the perps could also file charges. well so what. from what i hear, the hubby of one of the assaulting women got on social media to threaten with violence anyone who disagreed with them. news stories on KMTV omaha.

cant tell from here (where this happened) if the violence involved i s attend. otoh, violence is always a trend.

well it’s not.

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