Gun nut mom went back for more bullets before executing daughter


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🍇 🐸 ¥ ✂️ (or 'Good Fun, Yes Siree')

“More Bullets” is sexy talk to some, but not me.

BTW: she has a cross between Palin & Bachmann “crazy eyes”, truly disturbing.


Well at least her right to keep and bear arms was not infringed.


I can’t think about this. Sorry. I’m opting out of this thread and muting it for my own sanity. Hope it’s productive for those opting in.


NRA, feel free to explain to me again how it is that guns don’t kill people.


None of this would have happened if the children had guns.


A Gun thread … on BB … we all know how they go down.

I think I can hear all the new accounts being generated as I type…


Unused headline: Gun nut mom had to reload photoshop before executing daughter


You should have left that up! That’s the spirit!


Not that this woman isn’t a monster under any circumstances, but did anyone find out why she decided to murder her daughters?


Just like in the case of suicide, it’s probably best to resist the urge for easy answers. The why probably starts shortly after her birth and runs right up until the moment she pulled the trigger.


It’s a choir full of preachers.


It doesn’t really matter, does it? Would any reason be a good reason?


I haven’t heard much reporting on this story.


There are no good reasons, but from a sociological point of view, not every reason is the same. Was it simple rage? Did she have a tumor or other brain injury? Was this an honor killing? Did she start taking a new medication?


I really wish 911 recordings were not public domain. I make a point not to listen to it, unless it’s “Stoned guy calls 911 because he lost some of his marijuana” type thing. I think it varies by state.


Had crazy eyes.


My brother’s friend had something like this happen, where he and his son pulled guns on each other. The guy had to shoot his dad to save his family’s life.

I am sick of this shit happening.


I agree with that. I was curious what the purported reason was.


It was never my intention to imply there was any good reason for murdering your children. I’m more used to men doing this.