Another day, another movie theater shooting in America: Nashville Edition. Open Thread


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Mass shooting bingo?

“Knives kill people too”
“If everyone had had a gun”
“Second Amendment” (Free Space)
“Should we outlaw cars?”


That is near where I live. Not a surprise since that area is pretty sketchy.


The next time I consider going to the movies, I’ll have to ask myself “Is this film worth dying for?”


It’s becoming so common-place that it has become difficult for conspiracy theorists to continue attributing these killings to anything other than mental illness.


Ah yes, a variant on the old chestnut “The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

Having someone in the audience respond with gunfire just means you now have TWO shooters!

Or, how to change what’s already a nightmare scenario into something that can cause the Dread Elder Gods to lose sleep.


Because the NRA and pro-gun lobby believes that our right to have any gun we want is worth the additional cost in life and limb. And our legislators are apparently owned or cowed by them. It’s that simple.


NetFlix is raking it in!

Going to the cinema / movies is [getting] dangerous…


Apparently it’s not possible to have a reasonable discussion about guns in the USA without arguing along political faultlines.

I wonder if the national narrative of “worlds best country” aka “shining city on the hill” is the reason why a normal debate or even change is not happening. If you believe that “no one can do better” or you “can’t do no wrong” you have no reason to learn from others.

The collective level of suffering seemingly isn’t high enough.


Another movie with a empowered female lead earns a mass shooting.

Good going MRAs, you’re doing God’s* work.

*Old Testament God


I maintain that we as a society haven’t reached the number of deaths required in one blow to make us do something about it.

26 people in Sandy Hook was close, but still pretty far off. Individual killings obviously don’t matter, as we’ve had a shedload of deaths this year already, they need to be in one big mass for people to finally stand up and want to help.

Fifty, maybe? Tough to tell. I hope we reach the limit soon, I’m already there.


And what does Xeni want done?

Millions of sane gun owners killed no one today. You will never stamp out all evil or all the crazies - at least not with out enacting some sort of draconian laws and hellacious surveillance systems and remove privacy from our lives.



In the future, historians will argue whether HDTVs or the NRA should be cited as the reason movie theaters died out.


For me it was sticky floors and mobile phones.


Every country has evil people and crazy people. Most countries just don’t make it so easy for them to arm themselves.


I don’t know about Xeni, but I’d like stricter gun control laws across the entire North American continent.
Cuz all your guns keeps ending up in my country being used to kill people. Its not good.


Why, here in the ol’ US of A it’s just a sheer coincidence they all use guns! That the crazy people in other countries have to be content just wounding people with knives instead of ending their lives with efficiency just shows their backwardsness!


Which country Missy? Because they keep ending up here too, with the locals wanting to be like the US.


“All mass shooters are on antidepressants.”
“Another casualty of gun-free zones”
“There’s nothing we can do about it, so we should do nothing.”
“It’s too soon in the wake of this tragedy to politicize it.”