20 or more shooting victims reported in San Bernardino, CA. Police seeking active shooter


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ABC is reporting 12 dead…

And the place where it is taking place is a facility for the mentally challenged?

“Three white men in military gear” - O_O

Stay safe everyone.


Superman where are you?


I always wonder, if I had Superman’s powers…wouldn’t it be a better world?

Then I remember…I’d just fly around using my heat vision to lobotomize people like this.




Freedom secured.


Dog damn it.


3 shooters? WTF? Can I just renounce my membership in the human race?


Oh good, I was starting to worry that we’d be able to go a week without another mass shooting in this country.



It’s been a few days, I guess we were overdue for another mass shooting…


Bonus points to shooters for picking out a place that serves the disabled. Goddammit.


OK, slow down. One of the best things I’ve heard recently is “read the news the day after, so you can avoid all the errors and rumors.”

I’m not being apologetic towards white paramilitary assholes, but I note the image in that linked report shows a cop in a military gear. Who’s to say someone didn’t get a quote mixed up, or someone mistook a cop for a shooter?

I won’t be surprised if it turns out to be some white guys bent on starting a revolution, but it could turn out to be a lot of other things.


Let’s hope the revolution they start ends with an executive order banning the sale of ammuntion.


I was just listening to the live stream and they repeated that “a man in full para-military gear and camos walked into the building, into a boardroom where a meeting was taking place, and opened fire” - I mean, yes, sure I understand your reluctance to name/shame, but this is live reporting. The only thing I’m doubtful about is the “three”.


At least it’s not “terrorism”, right?

But seriously, nope. Words, they fail me.




Look, everyone, let’s not politicize this, it’s too soon from the last one.


Hope you aren’t being facetious, but agree. Eager to see WTF was the reasoning behind this???


That’s what I’m doing. I’m gonna go be a tree sloth or something.


How long after a tragedy do we have to wait before we can talk about a reasonable level of gun control, I forget.