'Death comes soon' to U.S., wrote Facebook user believed to be Louisiana gunman

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White men are just inherently violent and racist and probably should be caged like the Neanderthal apes that they’re related to. *

Also: WTF, conservatives.




sadly, i am not even the slightest bit surprised.

[quote=“xeni, post:1, topic:62455, full:true”]
who supported the Westboro Baptist Church. [/quote]

And that is your first clue something is fucked up with this person.

I’ve never even heard of anyone outside that cult supporting them.

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Image needs an ellipsis after “Teachers”, because, you know, that’s nowhere near the end of that particular list.


Where where all those responsible gun owners carrying guns for defending themselves and others from exactly such a situations like this? The usual “Need guns to defend from other guns” by those pro-guns people starts to sound a bit hollow.

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Yeah I was wondering that myself. The ‘good guy’ with a gun should have been there to shoot the bad guy and save everyone!

I guess we’re going to have to make gun ownership and having a gun on your person at all times mandatory, aren’t we? This voluntary stuff just ain’t working.

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Nah. Cheap thin comfortable ballistic shirts will do a good job in a passive-defence way.

…because shoot happens.

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Just remember, our homegrown “Christian Taliban” aren’t to be referred to as “terrorists” in the media!


The Montgomery Advertiser has some pretty comprehensive coverage. Quite a monstrous track record.

In 2006, Houser applied for a concealed carry permit, but was denied by Russell County Sheriff’s Department due to the domestic violence complaint and the previous arson arrest.
And yet, there he was in Lafayette, murdering people with firearms.

Welcome to America, 2015:

Can’t find your keys?

Are you out of milk?

That door hinge is so loud!

Who won the '96 Best New Country Music Single award?

EDIT: It’s been repeated by Jack Beatty, twice I think, and bears repeating here. From the Economist:

The regularity of mass killings breeds familiarity. The rhythms of grief and outrage that accompany them become—for those not directly affected by tragedy—ritualised and then blend into the background noise. That normalisation makes it ever less likely that America's political system will groan into action to take steps to reduce their frequency or deadliness. Those who live in America, or visit it, might do best to regard them the way one regards air pollution in China: an endemic local health hazard which, for deep-rooted cultural, social, economic and political reasons, the country is incapable of addressing. This may, however, be a bit unfair. China seems to be making progress on pollution.

The probability of croaking in a mass shooting accident is insanely low. The publicity vs impact ratio is insanely high.

Put the attention into improving traffic signs, or to health care access, and you save way more lives.

AllProblemsMatter ?

Sort the problems by product of their probability and impact.

Optionally re-sort by per-dollar (or per-effort or any other metrics) return on investment.

If you end up trading 10% reduction of healthcare-error fatalities for ten times the mass shooting casualties, you’re still winning by large margin. On the left you have 100,000 deaths a year, so you gain 10,000 lives. On the right you have about 130 deaths a year, so you lose 1300, the difference is 1170 minus. You run the balance of 8830 lives positive.

NOT doing this kind of tradeoff is wrong.

Same applies to wasting money on airport security and other expensive follies with low return on investment.

Interesting use of the word “accident.”

Also, as long as we are discussing “probability,” what are the odds that your life will be saved by the ease in which Americans can purchase handguns and semiautomatic rifles?


After all, it is a person whose brakes failed.

When you write laws ensuring that everyone can easily acquire killing machines, and a mentally unstable person buys one of those machines and uses it to kill people, that’s not an “accident.” It’s a predictable consequence.