Gun nut mom's rampage was to punish her husband

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Crazy eyes. They all have those crazy eyes.

edit: not referring to the kids.


It’s almost like some people aren’t mature or responsible enough to have guns…and that happens to be a subset of the people who really want them.


It’s almost like some people aren’t mature or responsible enough to have guns



I’ve only been tangentially following this story, because it’s so tragic and horrible.

But I feel compelled to ask at this point…

Has the NRA yet come out with a position statement noting that if only some of the neighbors, or her husband had been carrying guns, that the daughters would still be alive?

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Well, she sure showed him.


He said she did, now he’ll be unhappy forever.


I hope you’re not referring to the two daughters.

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I know this sounds harsh, dude just lost his wife and kids violently and publicly, but…

It also really sounds like a typical asshole dude making everything about him.


This is what happens when you have a society which doesn’t value women for themselves, but rather as merely outcroppings of the men around them.


She’s up there in NRA-Heaven and probably at the shooting range right now.

[note sadly the sarcasm]


Wrong. This is Obama’s Liberal Feminist Political Correctness run amok! Back in my day, the husband would have at least gotten to shoot one of the daughters. What happened to my America?!*

  • Trump 2016!

My mistake. Just the mom. By “all” I was referring to other oddballs like Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin. There’s something off about their eyes.


That is a bold assumption - to presume that the wounds first inflicted indoors would not have subsequently killed them - and so it is purely supposition that the daughters would still be alive had neighbors or others entered the fray. However I did note that - far from the false flag, conspiracy theory rants of my gun nut facebook friends, they posted NOTHING about this story. Evidently it does not sit well with their ordinary people with guns are OK cant. I’m not anti-gun, I am for gun control.Ten guns? - please!

It ran deeper than the eyes. She was truly, genuinely mentally ill. Of course, it was just fine and dandy for her to have all of her guns. Without the guns, this would have likely been just a domestic altercation with everyone walking away to work it out sanely under calmer circumstances. Instead, only one got to walk away…as punishment.

This looks to be acceptable under the the present “common wisdom” regarding gun control. Seems mental illness can be systemic as well as personal…

I’ll say it again: Damn the NRA!


That’s the first thing I thought when I saw her picture. She looks to like she was brittle as hell, that there was some kind of desperation behind those eyes and she could snap at any minute.

Uh huh. Of course, nobody who has snapped has ever stabbed or bludgeoned anyone else. Riiiiiiight.

What about her husband? Was it the NRA’s responsibility to send an agent to her house to check on her? Since when did it become the NRA’s responsibility to provide mental health judges?

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[QUOTE=the article]
Christy Sheats had a history of mental health problems, and had been
hospitalized three times after trying to kill herself, the sheriff said.

She had been treated for depression, was taking medication and had been seeing a therapist.
I know this is standard NRA Apologist Bingo, but here’s the idea: if the NRA is going to use “they were mentally ill…” to deflect gun laws, lets make gun laws that say, hay, if you have a history of being hospitalized for suicidality and are taking medication for mental illness, you don’t get a gun.


I assume that she already had the guns, though, before being diagnosed. So what legal machinery exists in the States to take someone’s guns away that you could attach “if they’re in a defined group of mental illness” to? Would it require a court order, or just a doctor signing off on it?

Are you for real? No one’s saying that murders wouldn’t happen without easy access to guns–just that not a fraction of the number that occur now. As is made pretty clear if you look at any other country that doesn’t have our insane gun fetish.

In this awful case, it’s pretty fucking unlikely the woman would have been able to bludgeon to death two children in the presence of her husband and neighbors. Or do you think they’d have just knelt down for her and waited for her to pummel them?